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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Hike Ever Experience in Guatemala

By Linda Patterson

Containing some of the most incredible and lush unspoiled tropical forests on the planet, Guatemala is fast gaining a reputation as a hiker's dream come true. With so many opportunities for the average person to experience the feeling of truly returning to nature vanishing every day, as cities expand and the needs of human industry demand greater penetration into the realm of the natural world, it's the lucky few who can honestly say they've had the privilege of trekking in true wilderness. On a jungle trek in Guatemala, you'll climb mountains, see amazing and rare animals, visit ancient Mayan ruins, and come face to face with the true visage of nature in all her glory and untouched splendor.

Unlimited Adventure Potential

Everyone's jungle trekking experience is unique; the only certainty is that the images, experiences, thoughts, and feelings provoked by your hike will remain a part of you for the rest of your life. Those who have been once usually consider it a watershed moment of illumination, and for those lucky enough to make repeat journeys, each unfolds with its own menagerie of serendipitous encounters and events, making each trek back into the arms of the jungle a unique and fascinating experience. To facilitate your journey into the lush lands of Guatemala, there are many companies that offer reliable guided tours which wind through the hills and forests, passing by all manner of unforgettable sites, from giant pyramids to smoldering volcanoes. Using a guide is by far the wisest and safest route, as a highly experienced firm will be able to plan appropriately and provide almost all the equipment necessary for jungle survival. Instead of blundering through the foliage, wondering if you forgot your tent and if you're carrying enough water, a seasoned guide will afford you the freedom to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the forest. If there are any preparations or equipment that the company expects you to be responsible for, they'll let you know well in advance of your trip, and a briefing session will bring you up to speed on the basics of outdoor living, and teach you a few essential safety skills no trivial matter whenever we leave the comforts of modern civilization, and walk in the shoes of our ancient ancestors who called such forests their homes.

On a Guatemalan jungle trek, you'll find yourself in the midst of the planet's most incredible landscapes. You'll trek past volcanoes, over rolling fields, and through thick, steamy rainforest terrain. The calls of exotic tropical birds, monkeys, and the scurrying of tiny mammals, lizards, and insects will accompany you as you penetrate deeper into the jungle interior. Most tours also include a stop a one or more of the majestic and towering Mayan cities, with great pyramids soaring high into the tropical sky, and great temples carved with elaborate and ornate hieroglyphics dotting the landscape.

The bosom of the jungle is alive with flora and fauna of all description: colorful birds, snakes, and reptiles, strange and perplexing insects, the shrieks and calls of curious primates, and the sounds of tiny mammals scurrying through the underbrush will all be your constant companions. You may choose a tour that dives deep into the ground below the jungle floor, descending through a cenote to float down an underground river. Just be sure to bring your camera there's little doubt that your jungle trek in Guatemala will be something you'll want to share with family and friends, and to revisit in your memories time after time.

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