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Thursday, June 14, 2012

How To Call Small Business Leads

By Robin Marks

About a year and a half earlier I purchased over 900 real time home business leads from an online lead vendor. At $1.80 cents for each lead this cost me over $1600 . I used to be so inspired to build my opportunity that I didn't care what It cost me I just wanted in.

After nearly 2 weeks of pounding the phones, and following up with leads I walked away with... Only 2 home based business partners, a ton of rejection, a lot of time invested and nearly a zero return on my investment. (By the way those business partners did not join my opportunity till a month later)

Contacting Multi level marketing Leads Blows?

What did I learn? Phoning leads blows! Although I became extremely good at connecting with prospects over the telephone, I absolutely hated the drudgery of it. At the time the quantity of cash and time I spent on the telephone was not worth the improved recruiting skills. But Im extremely thankful I lost that money simply because it prompted me to find a better more effective way to build my opportunity.

This expertise solidified the method that I use to build my opportunity these days. Over the next couple of months I picked up a few web marketing skills to construct my home business enterprise online. Yes there was a learning curve however it was well worth it because at the finish of the day I'd learned to do what other people could not.

I cannot keep in mind the last time I bought a lead but I still create 20 to 30 leads online each and every day. Now I choose to attract and construct relationships with only the most receptive and qualified prospects.

I no longer need to speak with people I do not wish to speak with and I nonetheless manage to sponsor people into my main business. The super cool thing is that in contrast to most network marketers I don't cold call, bug buddies and loved ones or hang around in coffee shops.

The Moral Of The Story

I've failed at a great deal of things on and offline but I would never reverse any of it. One example is when I worked with organo gold scam With out those failures I'd not have had the believed procedure to continue studying till I got the outcomes I wanted. I encourage you to continue discovering.

If some thing isn't doing the job for you and you know deep down inside your heart that you wish to succeed...Keep looking and learning and don't be afraid to make mistakes. We learn much more from our mistakes than we do from our successes. Whether or not its your home business or you just wish to be a better parent, if its not working for you please don't just settle for what you currently know and believe to your self "this is just the way it is".

You Are Better Than That!

Studying will usually cost you some thing. Your time, money, or effort... and occasionally it is going to cost you all 3 like it did me but keep in mind you cannot avoid this and its just a reality of life. You can never get something for absolutely nothing. So today right here right now ask your self...

"What can I alter that isn't working for me right now?"

"What will it require me to get to the next level in my opportunity as well as life?"

Once you level with yourself and discover the answers to those very serious questions...

GO FOR IT! Remember you don't have anything to lose simply because you are losing more of your precious time, cash, and self confidence by not going for it.

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