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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Like Great Escapades Of Guatemala Tours

By Linda Patterson

Nature at its best can be discovered in the north of Central American, particularly in Guatemala. Not like before, anybody can only imagine the garden of Eden from religious children's books, at this time, one can possibly try Guatemala tours and then enjoy the unseen natural beauty of the wild plants and creatures made more alive in the center of the lush greens that work as the habitat of the very exotic birds. Guatemala is after all known as the "land of eternal springs."

Most often, travel guides would take those people on Guatemala tours to La Antigua, a destination which provides easy access to hotels . Booking flights with a travel agency most often includes a trouble-free transportation from the airport on the way to totally different destinations, which often commences with the city of antiques in Guatemala.

Guatemala is rich in history where the colonial jewels of the Americans appears to have been unveiled and uncovered is bordered with fertile valleys beautified by the extensive coffee plantation and also accessorized with 3 grand volcanoes. It is quite unimaginable but truly it is an excellent fusion of untouched nature and ancient colonial architecture making it one of the the most loved tourist destinations worldwide.

Guatemala tours beginning from a trip to Antigua Guatemala take rounds to in close proximity villages like San Antonio Aguas Calients, peak of Agua or Pascaya volcanoes, all the way down to the Iximche archaeological site boasting ruins of ancient civilizations, and around the tranquil town of San Juan Colamala presenting traditional paintings, together with the most one of a kind along with appealing artworks.

And needless to say, Guatemala tours can be enjoyed not only by art lovers. In fact history buffs and also archaeology aficionados could have fun unravelling Guatemala's pre-Columbian cultures, from the relics and remains of Mayans in the guise of pottery and jewellery. The site of Tikal is among the most famous destinations of today owing to the fact that it is the home of the most exquisitely preserved sculptures and temples.

In the Guatemala region, one of the widest historical sites is the Tikal National Park as it covers 575 sq. km. and it is beaming with pristine rainforests which is abundant with wildlife making the place magical and filled with mystery

With regards to admiration of the Mayan ruins, nevertheless, absolutely nothing can provide a fill of ancient stories much better than Lake Atitlan can. Small villages are located in between breathtaking lakes and emerald-green volcanoes having colourful flowers garnishing the cliffs, which often increase the excitement of peaceful activities for both nature as well as history buffs.

Having experienced the hidden treasures of Guatemala first hand can surely make you and any tourists wish they can place all the beautiful scenery they have seen in a bottle for souvenirs. On the plus side, there are lots of shops stationed at Chichicastenango market or Chichi which is open during Thursdays and Sundays. The nice thing about the native market is the provision of several memorabilia influenced by German, Italian, French, plus English arts.

If you are planning to go on Guatemala Tours then the best day is to go one night before the market day. Nevertheless it's best to come down to Chichi on the opening day itself. You can get to Chichi in the morning and to nearby shopping centers in the afternoon through shuttle services.

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