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Monday, June 25, 2012

Milwaukee Job Hunting Resources

Give Yourself an Edge With Job Hunting Resources in the Milwaukee Area

Finding a job in these tough economic times is often confusing and frustrating. Between pounding the pavement, looking online and applying to a plethora of jobs, many are still unemployed. In addition, many freshly graduated college students coupled with older folks who have been laid off are making the job market even tighter. With hundreds of applications going into a single job opening, folks are now learning they need some assistance and an edge. If you're searching for a job in the Milwaukee area there are many resources at your disposal. These helpful places both online and in-person can aid job seekers in Milwaukee. With a little luck and a great resume, you'll land a job soon. Below is a compiled list of resources and tools to help in finding a job.

A list of websites to help job seekers in Milwaukee: First we have the Milwaukee Jobs website, which helps job seekers in cover letters, job hunting techniques, interview tips and even help with resume writing. By polishing your skills and resume, you'll stand out from the crowd. Often times, we don't realize that regular everyday tasks we complete actually are a skill set. By utilizing and mentioning every skill possible, you'll make yourself look even better. After all, a resume is really for bragging about yourself. It's also important to learn the top interview questions so you can be prepared. Interviewers don't like those who pause with answers and use “um” a lot. This website can also help those in finding jobs in Milwaukee by helping you learn the hidden job market. Not to mention, they have many resources in aiding you with the general job hunt. This website showcases city jobs and other announcements for job seekers in Milwaukee. In addition to standard job listings, the city often hires interns. An internship may be great for a month or two. An internship will help you gain new skills and give you important verifiable experience, which many employers seek. This website offers many job openings and even shows a list of past job postings. Its past and current job postings may help you get a feel for what they hire the most of, helping you when you apply now or later. In addition, job seekers can easily print out the job postings or have them emailed to you for extra convenience. This website contains many resources for job seekers in Milwaukee. Job seekers in Milwaukee can easily access county job listings and benefit options. In addition, if you find a career you're interested in you can apply online through this website. There is also a calendar which shows when upcoming job fairs are and where they'll be located. A job fair is a great resource for job seekers in Milwaukee. At a job or career fair, you'll be able to meet and have a quick, informal interview with potential employers. And of course you'll get to learn a bit about the company. This website is run by the state of Wisconsin and showcases all the currently available jobs. Simply choose your area and see the list of openings. In addition, this website also offers a self-assessment test to help you find out what you're good at and help you find a career that matches your skills. Users can also register and keep their resume on file, easily changing it when needed. This website also offers career planning tools which help you to find your skills, take tests and obtain certain documents for things like typing speed.

Out in the Real World

If you'd rather pound the pavement there are many options available as well. It's a good idea to send your resume to Milwaukee's top employers. Some of the popular employers that employ a large number of people in the area include: Fiserv, Kohl's, Manpower, Roundy’s Supermarkets and of course the healthcare institutes. While this is a pretty good list, there are places you can go to in the Milwaukee area to help you aid in your job search.

Wisconsin Job Center: Located at 4030 North 29th Street in Milwaukee, this job center will aid career and job seekers in Milwaukee with many of their needs. It can help you to discover new skills, talk about the possibility of going to college and help with your resume. In addition, they'll help you apply to many job openings and teach you interview skills. They also have assistance for many other day-to-day things such as custom training, apprenticeships, assistance with food and healthcare, and even help with childcare while you're searching. While it may sound a bit daunting, these programs are designed to help job seekers in Milwaukee land a great job and help you out in the meantime. In today's tough economy, any help is a step in the right direction.

Madison Area Technical College: While many of their resources are designed for students only, they do host a few events that anyone can attend. Workshops and job fairs are often held at the Madison campus. Popular events include career planning and resume writing workshops. These workshops help job seekers to decide if school is a good option. If not they'll help you in finding a career that fits you best. After that, you can attend a resume writing workshop and fine-tune your resume while you’re hunting for jobs. Lastly, attend a job fair and utilize what you've learned.

Job seekers in Milwaukee can also obtain information for help from the Maximus Job Center. In addition, you may be able to receive some free online business classes from Milwaukee School of Engineering. No matter which route you take, obtaining help and consulting professionals will help your job hunt. In addition, many of these resources can help you apply for unemployment. They'll speak with you and know if you qualify. Unemployment can help while you're pounding both the cyber-pavement and regular pavement looking for a career in Milwaukee. By utilizing these resources you can help to reduce the amount of time you're unemployed.

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