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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vulnerability Scanners to Avoid Hackers

By James Richy

The main objective of a high caliber hacker is to enter your network system and 'drop' a tiny program which 'hooks' your computer to a specific Botnet. Even when your PC is hooked, there is no visible abnormality and it may even pass unnoticed through the antivirus and firewall settings. To counter this problem, a vulnerability scanner is essential. The vulnerability scanner competes with the hacker. The former works in protecting and the latter in destroying protection. Particular websites based on e-commerce are susceptible to the attacks of the hacker.

The vulnerability scanner is devoted to minimize great risks. The weak points on the inside or the perimeter of your network through which the criminals can enter to exploit your system are called vulnerabilities. An unsecure website can lead to leakages of credit card information and also billions of dollars are put to risk. The hackers are well aware of the priceless information accessible through the website applications. Human errors unwittingly make their attempts fruitful. Often errors committed during administration or coding and other development areas are like hidden opportunities for exploitation.

Also the human traits of trusting, negligence and credulousness are a weapon in the attacker's arsenal. The so called overlooked 'flaws' in the software systems are hidden doors to devour. Even the firewalls are not protective enough to safeguard your website. The online business dependent on electronically based computer and customer database should primarily install vulnerability scanner which is a cost effective solution designed to detect weakness and loopholes.

Even simply watching videos through popular players like Flash and QuickTime may hook your computer and in mo time several Botnets are released to be activated later. A vulnerability scanner first identifies the host and its attributes. It then matches these applications and operating systems of the host with known vulnerabilities which becomes the prime area for ethical area. The main phrase here is penetration testing methodology. But this technique is used against penetration of hackers.

The tester enters certain malicious codes to test the weak points and this helps in studying the hacker's probable paths. It is important to get the software rewritten to 'fix' the problem and have a sure 'fire' solution in order to secure 'patch'. But most vital is the installation of vulnerability scanner to minimize great risk. An automated scanner helps to eradicate the network bugs. Vulnerabilities are widely used to gain access of confidential data throughout the World Wide Web, but a vulnerability scanner is a sure shot solution to produce intelligible reports to fix issues.

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