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Friday, June 29, 2012

With A Rental Car Italy Is More Accessible

By Brenda Walsh

Italy is situated in the south central part of Europe and is incredibly diverse with ancient historical cites, beaches, islands, mountains and spectacular countryside. The food and wine is world famous and there are many different places to explore. Having access to a car is a particularly good way to see the country. There are plenty of companies providing a rental car Italy, which provides visitors with the freedom to come and go as they please.

Italy's capital city is the spectacularly historical city of Rome. It is world renowned for its ancient Roman ruins and the impressive Saint Peters Church and Vatican city, where visitors can see the famous Sistine Chapel. The city has incredible architecture at every turn and the Colosseum and Roman Forum can provide visitors with a real feeling of how the place must have been in its heyday. Rome is also a center for fashion and has terrific nightlife. There are excellent restaurants all over the city serving Italian food and excellent wines from around the country.

The cultural city of Naples has many attractions for visitors as well as a great nightlife and superb restaurants. The Pizza was invented in the city. The region around Naples is spectacular and the city itself sits the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. There are mountains, beaches and islands just waiting to be explored, which would be ideal to do by car.

Venice, Pisa, Florence and Milan should also be on a visitors itinerary. The city of Venice is renowned for its network of canals and beautiful architecture, it is a very romantic city that is popular with honeymooners. The city of Pisa not only contains the famous leaning tower of Pisa, it is in the beautiful Tuscan region of Italy, and makes a good base for those wishing to explore the region.

The Tuscan region is gorgeous, with spectacular scenery and famous wines to sample. The region has extremely picturesque rural villages and it is possible to go walking in the mountains. The region also has a stunning coastline and islands, which are great places to explore.

Another city in the Tuscan region is Florence, which is widely considered to be among the most beautiful in the world.The historic centre of the city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Cathedral of Florence, Gardens in Florence and Campanile are well worth visiting. The city has many museums, most of which house a wide selection of art, many collections are from the Renaissance Period.

Milan is world famous in the fashion industry and has some superb nightlife. The architecture in the city is stunning, this includes the Milan Cathedral, which should not be missed. Milan is not far from the Alps mountains in the north. This is a stunning region of the country, which is perfect for mountain treks or skiing at one of its famous ski resorts.

Italy has a huge amount to offer visitors, with it historical cities, beautiful beaches, islands and spectacular scenery. By having a a rental car Italy will open up and provide the ultimate freedom to experience more of the country. Car rental can easily be arranged online prior to arriving in the county.

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