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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Affordable, Eye Catching Fashion with Superdry T Shirts

By Wesley Brigante

Superdry has been an exceedingly popular brand for almost 8 years now and that is with good reason. Their affordable, forward-thinking fashions are stylish without seeming smug and indifferent, comfortable without being messy and colourful without being garish. Brought to prominence initially by an unofficial celebrity endorsement from internationally renowned football hero David Beckham, the brand has gone from strength to strength of late largely down to the enduring popularity of it's original Superdry T Shirts.

It might be true that Superdry are known for designing and supplying a variety of quality merchandise but despite their proliferation of footwear, hats and even sunglasses it is through their vintage Superdry T Shirts that they have come to prominence on the global market. Chief amongst these shirts is the brands 'Osaka 6' shirts which have been a runaway success story amongst fashionistas all across the world. That's just one of hundreds of interesting designs available though, not only through Superdrys dedicated retail outlets, but through quality online and high-street third party stores.

Superdry T Shirts are a universally recognised brand because of their Japanese styled lettering, which is backed by American design policies and British ingenuity. Because of this unique cross-pollination of styles Superdry T Shirts have been adopted as the fashion of choice for various social groups. Untethered to specific groups (unlike similar brands such as Lonsdale and Burberry whose clothes have become associated with working class youths) they are worn by people from all backgrounds and classes and although the target market falls in the 18-30 age range there is no age limit on fashion.

Superdry T Shirts are designed to be close fitting and comfortable and are made from only the finest fabrics. Superdry produce both male and female versions of most of their shirts which reflect the companies unisex ideals. The catalogue of shirts is genuinely exhaustive and incredibly diverse. There are shirts designed with a more American look and feel, subtle shirts with just the company logo, completely plain shirts with rolled sleeves, simple vintage styled shirts with fine embroidery and shirts fit to bursting with intricate detail. And that's just the tip of the ice-berg.

As an art-form in themselves T Shirts have grown in the past 30 years and Superdry T Shirts currently stand as one of the only mainstream manufacturers whose shirts can be counted as not only art but as a bold, personal expression of identity.

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