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Friday, July 13, 2012

Can Video Marketing Work For Your Business?

By Brent Peterson

Video marketing can be fun and exciting and also one of the greatest ways to promote your business these days. With the lazy lifestyle that many people have fallen into, this form of marketing actually plays off of the fact that most people would rather watch something than read something. Sad to say, but this is how our society is these days and you can leverage this factor to your full advantage by using videos to market your business.

Even you, yourself, might be able to admit that you would rather watch the news on TV than read it in a newspaper. You might even admit that you would rather relax and watch a movie than read a book by the same title. This isn't a knock against you or society. This is simply how things are these days. Love it or hate it, these are the facts. Are you prepared to step up and take advantage of our society's norm?

Even though video marketing is still kind of the new guy on the scene, you have to admit that it is a pretty clever way to get a message across to the buying public. You can produce videos very quickly and your customer is going to feel like you're actually talking to them no matter what their reading comprehension is. The finished product is often so surprisingly good for most customers that they feel like more of a top notch business thanks to a few informative videos.

While video marketing is rather simple, creating a video that looks professional can be tricky. After all, your videos make an impression on new clients and you only have one chance to make that first impression. A sloppy or poor quality video will tell your potential customers that you might not be as attentive to details with your business. This is why you should enlist the help of someone that knows what they're doing when it comes to marketing in general.

In addition, video marketing isn't quite as simple as creating a video, uploading it to the web and wait for paying customers to come knocking at your door. The SEO involved in this type of marketing is unique in itself and someone that has some experience in optimizing a video can make or break a good video marketing campaign. Just think about if you had a high quality video that knocked your socks off. You spent a lot of money having it created yet nobody ever saw it because your SEO guy didn't know how to properly optimize it and get it in front of your customers or potential customers.

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