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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Life of a Blogger

By Michelle Casey

The life of a mommy blogger is a wonderful life! I spend an hour or two everyday maintaining my blogs, writing content and refreshing back links, then I'm off to spend the day with my beautiful family. Many of my readers are curious how they can get into the blogging business and when/if they will make a full time income from their blogs. My answer is always the same: Anyone can blog for a living--IF they set their blogs up the right way and stick with it.

Being a mommy blogger requires a lot of hard work in the beginning. Let's get this strait from the beginning: You will NOT get rick over night. Blogging takes time, effort, and patience. Blogging will also require that you spend more money in the beginning that what you make. But that's how it is for every small business in the beginning. Your blogging business is a small business. You will need to spend money on web hosting, domain names, and an auto-responder series. You may also choose to make purchases that will speed up some of the required steps to create and maintain your blog, especially regarding search engine optimization.

As a professional blogger you will be doing a ton of writing. Each blog you publish will require no less than 100 articles and blog posts to establish it as an authority blog. It is this reason that you pick a niche in which you are genuinely interested. You don't want to spend your days researching and writing about a topic that holds little interest to you. Be sure that you also choose a niche that will give you plenty of subtopics to write articles and blog posts about.

Establishing a blog to the point where it is bringing in a full time income takes about six months, and that's IF you work very hard in the beginning. When I first began, I spent a whole year putting in ten and twelve hour days. Those were some very early mornings and late evenings. Over that first year, I was successful in establishing fourteen blogs all of which are bringing me income.

Is blogging right for you? What topics are you passionate about and do you have a wealth of knowledge to share with others? Do you like to write? Is there a need for your topic and will people be willing to pay money for products that can solve their problem or issues? If you answered yes to these questions, then blogging is your calling.

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