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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mattress Outlets Cleveland Ohio

By Trevor Johnson

It is how good a mattress is that makes a bed comfortable to sleep in. Most people use a mattress for too long and it gets packed down in the middle and does not offer adequate support. Getting down to mattresses Cleveland Ohio stores to get a new one is something to get do immediately if your mattress sags or leaves an impression when you get up. A good one will ensure you sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed. Bad morning moods may even mysteriously disappear.

It is commonly believed that the most supportive mattresses are the hardest but this is a myth. It is the structure that determines if a mattress offers adequate support. The top padding is really a matter of personal choice and preference.

There are different types of mattresses and understanding them will be helpful in choosing the right one. One is the continuous coil mattress. It is one of the less costly options but it is not one of the best. The springs are continuous, all coming from one looped wire. The springs move in unison so when one person moves, the other feels it too. The coils wear out faster than other types so the mattress becomes worn down fairly fast.

Another type is the open coil mattress made with single springs joined with wire. It is also not a good choice for similar reasons. The pocket sprung mattress is a better choice because each coil supports weight singly. Side sleepers especially should consider it as it distributes weight evenly over the spine. Also, movements made by one are not felt by the other.

The memory mattress or memory foam is another good choice. It has a top layer of memory foam viscoelastic material that is temperature sensitive. Those who have problems with their joints should go for this mattress as it eases the pressure placed on them. It is more expensive compared to spring mattresses but its performance makes the extra cost worthwhile.

One drawback is that it reacts to temperature so it may feel rather cold and too hard as one first gets into bed. It is also affected by body heat which it absorbs and then takes on the shape of the body so turning over and getting up can be difficult. As it takes up body heat, air circulation is lowered so the mattress may feel too hot. This is a disadvantage during warmer periods but it is a good thing during cold seasons.

The latex or pure foam mattress is another good choice. This is the ideal choice for those plagued by allergies such as those triggered by mites and dust. It is expensive but the comfort level it offers and its durability are worth it. The latex provides a very firm and highly supportive core while the top has a sumptuously soft feel.

Another way to prop up a mattress and make it more comfortable and supportive is with a mattress topper. It bolsters it with a layer made of memory foam or other padding. Some are as expensive as buying a new mattress though and do not do much for one that is worn down or that has poor structure like the continuous or open coil mattress. All these options are available at mattresses Cleveland Ohio outlets. A new mattress will ensure you get enough rest and get out of bed feeling invigorated and up to the tasks of the day.

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