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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Prescription Drug Nimodipine Can Increase Your Tendency For Easy Bruising!

By Jan Doan

Prescription Nimodipine is considered to be an effective treatment for a number of conditions, but you will learn that there is a better than average chance that it will also come with the side effect of easy bruising. While you are simply walking along, you could suddenly realize that you have a black and purple bruise on your arm or leg that has no reason to be there. In this instance, you need to learn a few basic facts about Nimodipine.

Upon study of the drug, you will learn that Nimodipine is usually used to treat symptoms involving a ruptured blood vessel located in the brain. This type of hemorrhage is not only dangerous but sometimes even deadly, and you will find that Nimodipine helps improve this condition by increasing blood flow to that portion of the brain that is injured.

Nimodipine is a common prescription drug that is prescribed for a number of different conditions besides brain hemorrhages. Because this drug has been proved over time to effectively treat a number of different conditions, it becomes an easy and safe route for your doctor to employ, even though there may be other equally effective drugs available for prescription. You should learn what options you might have regarding prescription Nimodipine and its side effects, as well as any drug that you are prescribed.

Outside of an emergency situation, you will find that Nimodipine can also be taken in small doses to prevent migraine headaches. It is one of the safer and most popular methods to take care of severe migraines, and if you normally have to deal with migraines, it can be an important treatment.

Keep in mind that the fact that this drug increases blood flow in any of its various dosages or uses, you will discover that you will probably be bruising more frequently and more dramatically than before it was prescribed. Remember that your easy bruising may not caused by your usual activities, but instead because of your use of prescription Nimodipine. In fact, the drug is not allowing clotting to occur as fast as it otherwise would, and you tend to bruise more easily.

When you bump into something hard, your skin might not be ruptured, but the small blood vessels under your skin might be broken. The result is that blood will pool beneath the skin until it clots; and in a normal situation, you would probably clot quickly enough that you might not get a visible bruise at all.

If you are using Nimodipine, however, you will find that the clotting action is slowed and the blood flow is much more rapid. Depending on the dosage that you are using, the bruising caused by a simple bump can be quite dramatic.

Because Nimodipine is generally a prescribed for only a short time frame, you should consider following the all natural, daily supplement program from Bruises Be Banned. This uniquely formulated product is designed to cause existing bruises to vanish as quickly as possible; but the more important benefit it provides is that it has been repeatedly proved by people worldwide to help overcome the tendency for easy bruising that normally affects some people, and then it helps stop bruising easily completely before the bruising occurs.

About the Author:

Jan Doan, the "Doctor of Bruiseology" is renowned as the one author to have authored an entire reference book on bruising, teaching people why they bruise, and how they can avoid bruising. You can obtain for yourself Part I of the new Desktop Reference Book on bruising causes free and learn the best way to get beyond the nightmares of easy bruising and how to prevent bruising.

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