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Friday, July 6, 2012

TS22 Test Set: A Reliable Option for Enterprise and Telecommunication Networks

The TS22 Series Test Sets provide reliable testing solutions for enterprise and telecommunication networks. Being equipped with several essential features like DropSafe™ and RainSafe™, they maintain a lightweight and compact feel, while being rugged and versatile enough to complete any job.

Features of the TS22 Test Set include an amplified speaker for hands free listening, durable craftsmanship that passes the 20-foot drop test, and reliable water resistance that keeps the set functioning in severe weather conditions. It also comes fully-equipped with speed dial storage for up to nine numbers and last number redial capabilities.

If a reliable two-way speakerphone is what you are after, the TS22A has you covered. This extended model has all the features of the TS22 Test Set, but also allows the user to communicate fully hands free in true speakerphone fashion. Please note, however, that this function will not operate with a low battery and as such it is recommended that you replace the battery whenever it is running low.

More information about the TS22 Test Set including a full list of features and purchase information is available at the Fluke Networks’ website,

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