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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Asbestos Lawsuits

By Nick Hunter

People with parents who were in the military have ongoing maritime asbestos lawsuits. Families and their attorneys are in pursuit of companies who produced these hazardous products that led to mesothelioma in many people. Back in the "day", people and maritime merchant marines and others did not know the dangers of these products until the effects of asbestos and poison and mesothelioma. Now, class action lawsuits are ongoing.

This is something I am familiar with, as my dad served in the merchant marines after world war 2 and before the Korean War. The naval ships would use powdered asbestos mix that were used for many things. My dad used to comment that it was like mixing a cake and he remembered breathing this in for hours, days and longer. No one bothered to question the safety of asbestos and whether mesothelioma cancer could become a problem.

Prior to the poison effects of asbestos, large companies supplied merchant marine ships and other compsnieswith this material - that we now knowwas hazerdous. My Father and others did not know this - nor did most of the ships and companies thatt were supplied. The military, including the merchant marines used these products and are suffering from cancer, lung disorders and mesothelioma.

We started getting settlement checks from law firms handling the cases against the contractors, companies and manufacturers as we have been included in several class action meso lawsuits. My father was not alive when this began. He died 2 years prior but we did not have to do anything. Maritime lawyers and firms have been handling the cases on behalf of the estates of thousands of merchant marines, navy shipmen, factory workers, ship builders and more.

There are hundreds of ongoing lawsuits and cases involving people who are sick, and the families of those who died. Some of these cases dealt with people and contractors from 60 years ago or longer. Many of these companies are out of business, bankrupt or other, so the cases may not be going anywhere in some instances.

Since asbestos was not really considered poisonous back then and since there were many variable of products used, proving liability on a company can prove a tough one. But documents still exist and meso asbestos victims are getting their restitution over time.

Thankfully, these asbestos exposure situations of putting the health and safety of our maritime servicemen and other workers will not repeat itself. It is a banned substance. Asbestos, mesothelioma and lung cancer causes have long been established as it relates to known poison materials. But, the loved ones and estates of people who died or got ill due to these asbestos poison health issues may get some justice through meso law and class action settlements.
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