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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting rid of Cold Urticaria

By Minnie Harrison

During cold seasons, there are people who find it a challenge to do the things they always do. This is because their bodies react to the chilly conditions that are brought about by winter. Thus we say that they are allergic to cold.

Cold urticaria is therefore a condition where hives start developing on one's skin because of extreme low temperatures. These rashes that appear on one's skin are brought about by contact with any cold appliance or surrounding. They include cold weather, cold drinks and ice-creams too.

This condition is known to affects body parts that are left uncovered during the cold seasons. They are widely found around the feet areas, the hands and on ones face. This means that you need to ensure that you have covered every part of your body during the chilly days and nights if you want to avoid being infested by the cold urticaria.

However, if you know how to manage cold urticaria, then you don't have anything to worry about. This is because the best way of ensuring that you are immune to the condition is by making sure you have the correct attire for cold seasons. When the temperature fall to below normal, it is advisable to stay in the house until told otherwise. This is the only way of preventing this condition.

Avoiding swimming pools in cold seasons prevents one from experiencing cold urticaria. When you decide to have a little swim when the weather is not favorable, not only do you risk getting cold urticaria, but you are putting yourself at risk of getting serious chest problems. At times, the hives are not visible by the naked eye. This requires a test to ensure that the hives are really present.

One of the ways of getting rid of cold urticaria is by visiting a medical practitioner who specializes in skin treatment. This is because they will have the necessary tools and equipments to help you recover from the condition. The famous way of identifying the area that has been attacked by the infection is by applying very cold substances to the skin, so that the pimples can be seen easily. This helps for one to spot them, and apply the necessary treatment on them.

Another way of getting rid or cold urticaria is by nursing the area that has been infested by the hives using a towel that has been wrung out of warm water. This makes that conditions unsuitable for the hives to continue existing, thus with time, they will not be there. You can also suppress the pain brought about by the rashes by taking a bath in warm water.

Also ensure that you wear protective clothing in the cold. This is one sure way of getting rid of the hives as they cannot stand being in warm environments.

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