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Thursday, August 16, 2012

How To Pick SEO Company

By Jude Buzalochi

The first thing we need to discuss in regards to optimizing your website with is "intelligent keyword research". what that means is "what are people typing into Google when they search my category?" There are several great tools out there to find out including Google Adwords Keyword Tool. When you have found out what the keywords are, we need to pick the ones that we think we can rank high for and that are also the best match for what we do. Because if they're not a good match, they will not convert into sales. So you need to get specific about what you want.

Should you try to rank globaly, statewide, or locally? "plastic surgeon", "south carolina plastic surgeon", or "charleston plastic surgeon"? Here are 2 really important questions: Would you benefit from leads around the country/world and do you think your website has what it takes to rank on the top of page 1? Does your website have many pages with well written, unique content? Do you have ample time to manage a link building campaign? Do you have a healthy budget to pay a Charleston SEO company to do those things? Sometimes local is better if you can rank on top of page 1, where 91% of all clicks happen.

Now we'll talk about writing some keyword rich content for the site. There is a density algorithm for keywords, so, too many and you can be penalized for keyword cramming and not enough and you might not reach your ranking potential. So how many is too many of the same phrase? You are probably safe staying around 5% keyword density. So if you have a hundred words on a certain page, you should have no more than 5 keyword phrases. Remember that your content has to read well to humans as well as Google spiders. So, make sure to read it a few times. One rule to remember is: if you wouldn't say it, don't write it.

One of the important elements of search engine algorithms is the amount of links into a website they find, or, "backlinks". The more quality backlinks you have, the better your score. Search engines like Google see these links to your website as a vote of confidence for you site from another. Especially when these links come from websites that are respected in their industries and categories. So, find the websites that will help you rank higher, How do you do this? There are many free "inbound link checkers" so, find out who the high ranking sites in your category are linked to. Start a blog and write quality content daily, comment on other well written blogs in your industry, Sign up with all of the free directories that offer you a listing, and take advantage of the easy free deals like Craigslist, Squidoo, Yahoo Answers, and Wikipedia.

Let's see if you are ready to ask the right questions of the firm's you interview. Now that you have written quality keyword rich content based on research that told you what was being typed into search engines like Google, you decided to dominate local search instead of global, and you have been builing quality links into your site daily, you are ready to hit page 1! Once you do hit page one, your traffic will increase significantly, more leads will come in, and you will make more money! Remember to pay close attention to your analytics and traffic patterns and make adjustments to keywords as needed. Have fun on page one!

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