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Friday, August 17, 2012

My Key West, Florida Island Vacation

By Peter Estenoz

I know you've seen this line on postcards: "Having a wonderful time-wish you were here!" This is so true, doesn't matter how corny is sounds, we are having such a fantastic time here in Key West, Florida, instead of just sending a post card, thought I would write you a letter while I'm soaking up the rays, laying on the beach, relaxing underneath the palm trees.

We got checked into our resort, and thought we would just run out and check this place out! There is so much to see on the island, first stop of course was Duval Street, we did some souvenir shopping, yes we got you something! Then it was off to other sights to see, we found Captain Tony's, Sloppy Joe's, even found Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, and right off Duval Street is Pat Croce's Rum Barrel. We had a late lunch at the Pier House Harborview Cafe, watched some of the charter boats, and schooners coming and going, getting ready for sunset. Speaking of which, we ventured over to Mallory Square, this was an adventure in itself we enjoyed the street performers, how very talented, and got to see "Cat Man" with his trained cats! He really has them trained well, and they listen to him, mine won't even come to me when I call it, it just looks at me, and give me a "meow"! Sunset was breathtakingly beautiful, and we hear that everyone of them is different, we have much to look forward to tomorrow! We were trying to decide what to do tomorrow, and talking about maybe a fishing trip, or maybe we'll go snorkeling, we've seen so many of these fishing charters going out, and catamarans, I think they go out every day. Concierge told us that all we'll have to do is show up, they provide everything, even lunch! We're even thinking about going out on one of those romantic sunset sails. Those are reasonably priced too!

We have time while we're on the island to visit the many museums and tours that are offered. We are going to visit Hemingway's House, and see the six toed cats, explore the grounds where Ernest Hemingway wrote some of his novels. Right across the street from there is the Lighthouse Museum, might even venture up 88 steps to see the view, 88 steps up and 88 steps down! We want to go also to Mel Fisher's Museum, and see the treasures he discovered from the shipwrecked Atocha. Lets see the Southernmost House Museum, which is also a guest house, the Ship Wrecker's Historium, to hear them yell "Wreck Ashore!" in order to salvage the supplies from shipwrecks. We also want to go to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory, on Duval Street. We heard too that the "Old Town Trolley" tour is great, and very informative about the whole island! We want to go over to the Fort Jefferson National Park, which is a day trip to the Dry Tortuga's!

The beach here is so beautiful! What a place to relax and unwind! There is a breeze coming off the water, its so peaceful, and there's a few sunbathers out on the beach, like I am, relaxing and soaking up the rays. Looking around, I see something I have never seen on the beach before: what a wonderful idea, a wedding is taking place right here on the beach, a small group of people just walked out to the waters edge, I see the groom, and friends and family, and here comes a beautiful bride dressed in a perfect dress for the beach, she's being escorted down to the groom, everyone is gathering close to hear the ceremony, and there is a photographer and a videographer capturing this wonderful event! Just them, the water as a backdrop, barefooted on the beach, how happy they look, its as if they are the only people on the beach!, and there's the kiss to seal the union! Hugs and congrats, photos and video! An excellent idea, to combine a ceremony and honeymoon in a destination beach wedding! They'll probably go to one of those really nice restaurants to celebrate! Maybe Michael's, A&B Lobster House, The Commodore, or even Louie's Backyard! For the celebratory desert, definitely Key Lime Pie!

Now I can truly relax, with the breeze off the water, I'm going to sign off on this letter, roll over and work on my tan, I know I'll drift off to sleep and dream of this wonderful place called paradise, Key West, Florida. I'll end this letter to you today, send you some photos too, so you can see what I've been writing about. Take care and we'll see you again soon!

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