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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Benefits Of Onsite Cross Links

By Brown Young

In the SEO warfare, links are powerful weapons. Many specialists think that links directly affect a website's ranking performance. Often, successful SEO firms implement the appropriate link building strategy. Is there a definite formula for link building? Unfortunately, not a lot of corporate entities would take the time to expose their secrets to a result-oriented SEO campaign.

It has been said that effective link building approach must serve both have internal and external functions. Relying solely on external linking might not make your SEO scheme stand upright, especially when the other support, in the form of internal linking of course, is omitted. If you want to have a linking strategy that formulates a dominant impact, then might as well complement your external linking strategies with onsite cross linking techniques.

SEO Purpose Of Onsite Cross Linking Nowadays, when all focus is on external link building, it's easy to disregard the use of cross linking. Onsite cross linking is the method by which you link web pages to other relevant pages within your own website. An internal link-building strategy such as onsite cross linking is truly effective when done correctly. Here are a few benefits for your website:

Cross linking offers a great end user experience to your site visitors. Think of cross links as guides to your users. Linking certain pages to equally important pages not only empowers you to promote other pages of your site, it also enables you to assist your readers in finding content sources that may be interesting to them. The expected result for this ideal link architecture? Better page views and fantastic navigational experiences.

Cross linking guides not only the site visitors, but also search engine spiders. Sometimes, when bots or spiders fail to index your website comprehensively, you can use internal linking to enable the spiders to crawl your text links and follow hyperlinks for a better search engine indexing.

Consider Internal Linking As Part Of SEO Strategy If It Offers Value To Users Cross linking is powerful as long as you do not overdo it. Do it from the user's perspective, and never ever stuff your website with links.

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