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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Secrets To Creating the Perfect Digital Ad

By Diana MacHiavelli

Are you thinking about launching a digital ad for your brand? There are a few key points you can use to check if your ad is worth launching. The most important element is your tag line. Your tagline needs to sum up the idea behind the product and illustrate it's value of it in a short and memorable way. It needs to convince the onlooker that your product is worth it and about the consumer. It should be located towards the bottom of the ad.

The next thing to think about is your call to action. Your ad should to tell people to do something, whether sharing something with a friend or buying your product. The call to action should be an imperative action, such as "Act now", but word it in a way that calls on the consumer to do something meaningful.

The next thing you need to think about is the graphic element. The visual has to communicate and convey a message of action. It should give a personality or human quality to your product and connect with the reader. Include some information about the function of the product in a clear manner. You have a small slot to connect with the reader and provoke a new idea. If the image is not serving this purpose, take it out.

Now ask yourself, is your ad different from the rest? Is it relevant? Does it fit into your consumer's life and fulfill a need? It's challenging to make an ad that is completely unique and different, but try to present your idea in a way that is unique. You can achieve this by telling a story through your ad, a story that showcases your product's qualities. This way, it doesn't appear to be a blatant advertisement but more as a visual and entertaining piece. All of the great ads do this, and that is part of the formula to their success.

Finally, keep it simple and about one thing. Stick to one main idea, and cut out whatever is useless. One of the principles of design is knowing what to leave out. Direct everything in your ad to one simple message and idea. We need to hold digital ads up to the same standards of ads in all other formats. If you are able to answer all of these questions, congratulations you are ready to launch your digital ad!

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