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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Web Development And Why It Is Important

By Jeff Wagner

With the internet growing in leaps and bounds, getting a properly developed web page is important to any business. Web development is simply the process used to create a fully functional website, from a simple page to complex programs that add to the experience of the visitor.

As the web has flourished, and with more people signing on everyday, companies have caught on that a lot of their current or potential customers are on the web daily. This makes them willing to pay any price to make sure that visitors to their page will buy their product or service. Individuals have also started getting involved with creating websites, and have done so with the assistance of programs that are now available.

Services exist online right now that will give people with little skill or knowledge of web development the ability to create their own online presence. Because of the nature of the programs, nearly anyone who can turn on a computer and type has the ability to create a web site.

Common languages used in web development include AJAX, HTML, XML, Flash and PHP, just to name a few. When used properly, these languages can be used to take a regular web page and turn it into an interactive experience for your visitors.

Compared to what it used to be, the price for getting a page developed has come down significantly in price. When the internet was still very young in the 90's, it would cost a small fortune to have a decent looking site made. Advances in technology have help bring the cost down, and have made access to open source programs more available.

As long as the web exists, the demand for web developers will always be around. Even with the user friendly services that allow most people to create a site, in order to create real functionality, code will need to be used. This means that a job as a web developer should keep you pretty busy for the foreseeable future.
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