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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Advantages of Selecting the Perfect Domain Name

By Vincent To

Every website has a domain name, which is similar to a company name. Everything that the company is associated with is closely linked to the name. Therefore, it is vital to choose the right domain name. Companies who do not pay attention to this detail, realize their mistake much later. They may not pay attention when they initially register with a domain name. Once a particular name is established, it is not very easy to change it subsequently. Therefore, much importance should be given to choosing the right time in the initial stages itself.

Either of the following methods can choose domain names. One can select the name of the product that has made the company popular or use the trademark name, which has become recognized in the market. This will help others to recognise your product or service. There are times when the particular name, you wish to take, is already taken by someone else. If you have already registered the trademark name, you can submit a petition to a proper court, stating that the other party has copied your registered name and that is why you are registering a complaint.

Many unscrupulous people register domain names of trademarks hoping that the original owner of the trademark would pay them huge sums of money to claim their domain names. But since this is a violation of law, you can go ahead and file a complaint against such activity. But if you do not own a trademark name, then you can register a name that sounds similar to your company's name. You can also choose a .net or a .org name if it is available, although most Internet marketers would advice you against it.

You can consult with a professional Essex website design firm on the best option to register a domain. You can search for website design in Essex online to locate some of the best design firms in the region. They would be able to study your company's profile, the niche that you are catering to, the products and services of your company and the type of competition in your niche, before deciding on the right approach to take regarding your choice of domain names.

In some cases, the keywords in your niche might have a lot of importance in generating a lot of traffic to your site. In that case, you can go in for a keyword based domain name, which would rank well in the search engine results. Here again, the Essex website design company would be able to advice you as to which approach to take. There are a number of niches that have extremely rich keywords that get huge amounts of traffic. If your company happens to be in one of those niches, you might most often be advised by Website design in Essex to choose a domain name based on those keywords.
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