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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Align Your Energy

By Glenda Feilen

Being in a state of "allowing" implies being prepared to obtain your heart's desires. That may seem a little vague because you probably think you're already open to receive them - you need them, you're trying to manifest them, you're keen to receive them, but why haven't they appeared?

The art of allowing actually means aligning your energy with the essence of the things you are trying to attract. For example, if you're seeking to draw in money, you have to become energetically lined up with the essence of abundance.

It works the same no matter what you are trying to attract; money, love, success, good health, weight loss, and so on - you need to be aligned with the essence of these things before you can receive them.

You might have been visualizing one or more of these things daily; perhaps you even created a vision board to look at daily; or you have a list of affirmations to recite. Those are all excellent first steps, but that's just the beginning!

Now it's the perfect time to start shifting your thoughts and feelings into the state of already possessing the things you're trying to attract. That's exercising the art of allowing.

Does that appear impossible to do if you don't yet have the things you want? It's vital to do it because if you don't, you can't allow those things into your life.

Given that you don't have them yet, you've most likely been connecting a powerful message of deficiency and shortage to the universe: "I don't have enough money; I'm too overweight; I'm unhappy." Whenever you think and feel those things, the universe can only keep delivering more of the same form of encounters to you.

To turn it around, you need to start sending messages of abundance to the universe. You need to start communicating that you have plenty of money, the love of your life, a slender body, as well as whatever else you want.

And how do you convey these things to the universe? Through your emotions. Feeling abundant lets you receive abundance. Feeling loved and secure lets you come across the life partner you've been searching for. Feeling healthy and radiant allows you to start obtaining the physical well-being you want.

When you transfer to the emotional and mental state of already having these things, you are practicing the art of allowing! When you keep whining and worrying about not having them yet, you're in a state of resistance and they are unable to come your way.

Practicing the art of allowing essentially implies changing your dominant thoughts and feelings so they resemble how you will think and feel once you have your heart's desires. How will you feel when you are involved in a loving relationship with the right person? How will you feel when you are earning 10 times the salary you earn now?

Practice feeling that way as often as you can right this moment! The key word here is practice. You can't leap directly from where you are to where you want to be and have everything change instantaneously.
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