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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Knowing What Is Making Headlines At Your Online Marketing Company

By Greg Diener

Back in July, controversy raged on social media when the fashion website Celeb Boutique was criticized for an ill-timed tweet. The tweet was in reference to "Aurora" which Celeb Boutique saw in the Twitter trending topics and assumed was about one of their dresses. In actuality it was about the tragic shooting that occurred in a movie theater in the town of Aurora, Colorado. The company apologized and deleted the tweet explaining that the company that did their marketing was not based in the United States and did not recognize the trend was about the shooting. In this piece, you will see how to avoid a situation like this for your online marketing company.

The first thing to do on social media whenever you see something that's trending is investigate why it is trending. That can usually be done by just clicking onto the Trending Topic that will provide a list of tweets relating to the topic. Usually trending topics will be caused by situations on the news or from word of mouth.

If clicking on the trend still has not provided a clear answer, just do an online search of the news to check why the topic is trending. Google News and Yahoo! News are two recommended websites that have detailed information from a variety of sources. For example the day I am writing this I saw that the topic "Bad Piggies" was trending and I was not sure as to why it was listed. Unfortunately when I clicked on the link I got the infamous Twitter "fail whale". I then had to do use a quick Google News search to find out the reason for the trend was because it was the announcement of an Angry Birds spin-off game.

At any company you need to have your tweets double checked beforehand in order to avoid any possible problems for your business. Having somebody along with you monitor what is going on in the trending topics will help. Also have the person check the tweet out beforehand to see if the material is appropriate enough to post and send out.

To properly thrive in online marketing, it is important to have an idea on what everybody is talking about. You do not want to face a nightmare like the situation with Celeb Boutique it is important to take note on what is going on before you post. Even a tweet that is not intended to make light of something, could offend a large group of individuals. Keeping proper moderation on affairs being discussed on the Internet will keep you and your company better informed on the world around them.
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