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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Benefits Of Google Retargeting

By Camila Wagner

Google's algorithm improvements mirror its own forward-thinking approach to SEO. The leading search engine giant's pragmatic behaviour is well mirrored by its own simple philosophy: revolutionise what works and throw away what doesn't. This direct, no non-sense attitude is definitely one of the reasons behind the company's stellar success.

Do these recurring alterations and innovations influence everyone from the online market? Of course! But the massive overhaul really impacts the large of population of optimisers and marketers who struggle to keep up with Google's sudden gush of changes.

Interestingly, after concocting a major online brouhaha with its introduction of Panda in early 2011, the Google Empire yet again launched a few interesting features that absolutely raise the bar with SEO. Coping with Google's fluctuating standards clearly means keeping up with all the recent updates. After all, search engine optimisation is not just about learning what's new and what's not. The ideal approach is to explore current SEO trends and incorporate these elements when creating an effective marketing strategy that meets the basic SEO requirements.

Listed below are the most important SEO topics you should know before you conquer the scene this year.

Retargeting Your Clients Google's Display Network devises another ad innovation with Google Retargeting. With Google Retargeting, the confines of online promotion are defied and client profiles are revered. Instead of them finding you, you find them. Instead of just buying ads to draw the attention of your target market, you can follow your potential customers or previous clients and show certain ads to your desired audience, wherever, whenever you wish. The probable outcome? Better sales!

Social Plus Search Google has now revamped the SEO scene with the Search, Plus Your World feature. Previously accused of spiking up interest for its own social networking platform Google+, Google highlights social media relevance by integrating social signals into public web viewing. The Search Plus Your World feature is predicted to highlight the role of personal results and social media for today's businesses.
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