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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Secret to Happiness

By Glenda Feilen

Everyone wants happiness in their lives, but hardly any understand how to be happy. I know how to be happy, for sure, and I love to share it. One thing you need to recognize about how to be happy is that you can start being happy any time you choose after you know the secret - so prepare yourself!

You may think you would have to attend a class or read a book on how to be happy, but that's not a necessity. You only need to decide you want to be happy. You must decide to surrender old habits of feeling that your problems are a result of someone else. If you wish to know how to be happy, you must know how to be responsible for every single part of your life.

Next, you decide to focus on happy things. You can think yourself happy. It's absolutely the truth! When you fill up your mind with happy thoughts, you don't have space for unhappy thoughts. If you fill your mind with "I can," there is no room for "I can't." You are 100% accountable for every little idea in your head. People who know how to be happy make happy thoughts a common practice.

Once you start to think happy thoughts, it gets easier by the day. A man who knows how to be happy knows that if you carry on doing something over and over, it begins getting less difficult. That includes being happy. So as you can see, happiness is a skill that must be worked on, so don't practicing!

Learning how to forgive is a large part of happiness. It is something that is quietly contemplated day after day by countless people. If you don't know how to forgive, your life is stuck. If you don't know how to forgive, you are not following the joy that you came to earth to learn.

When you hold onto anger you can never know how to forgive. Bitterness toward anyone or anything causes a mental link that is stronger than steel. Sadly, holding onto your resentment is easier to do than forgive, so many individuals who are weak can't rise above and forgive. The only way to break that link is to forgive. Not knowing how to forgive and holding the tiniest resentment causes mayhem in every area of your life by triggering negative energy

The word forgive means "to give up." When you learn how to forgive, you will give up all adverse thoughts regarding the person or situation. A great way to forgive is to create a list of everyone you need to forgive and jot down what it is you forgive them for. Trust me, you will feel a lot better afterwards.

When you know how to forgive, you will understand that resentment is your enemy. When you know how to forgive, you will understand that resentment attracts more of the same energy, consequently you attract more things and situations that will require forgiveness into your life.
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  1. Glenda, you are so right. It is your choice to be happy. You most certainly can "think" yourself happy. Forgiveness is very key to achieving true happiness. Great read. Thanks.