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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Top 10 Business Databases

By Carlos Gonzales

In any competitive environment, the best serves as an example to others. The contenders should be inspired by how the best has made it large. The same would apply to the field of business website development. The best websites have been developed by the agencies with money and creativity. However, any small web development agency will also learn from these websites how to make effective, comprehensible and accessible.

The names that crown this list are mostly those created by search engines and databases. Google, MSN and Yahoo are behind incredibly efficient and systematic business websites. Yahoo! Finance tops the list with its simple and clearly defined format. Like a good and coherent business newsletter, it gives people an in-depth view of the various economic situations. The website also gives details about the current trends in the stock market.

Some of the leading business editorials have also launched some successful databases. One of them is that of Business Week. The Business Week Website has a format similar to the magazine itself. The information, stats and headlines are arranged in a systematic and accessible format. The Forbes Website also covers many economic and political issues. So, these websites give full information about the economy and political scenario as well.

The Wall Street Journal website is also another fine example of good and efficient business website development. This is well-detailed and also offers a wide coverage to different subjects. People can get the latest quotes and figures about investments and securities.

The widely used financial survey Bloomberg also has an equally up-to-date website. The Bloomberg Website gives you a lot of information about the best stocks to buy, advice on investments and so on. Also, the CNN Money is a place where some of the latest economic news will come fast and furious. So, the CNN Money will give you all the latest news.

Another landmark in business website development is the website of the magazine Business Weekly. This website is as thorough and detailed as the magazine itself. Also, the stories are arranged systematically for people's convenience. A web development agency could also learn a lot from the MSN Money Central. This database is well-organized. There are header tabs to classify the news reports and headlines. So, the MSN Money Central is a really popular and efficient website.

If MSN makes a mark, how can Google stay behind? The Google Finance is one of the many websites that the company has launched. The Google Finance carries the usual trademark simplicity. So, the news reports and stock updates are presented simply. Also, another popular magazine has a good website to boast of. This is the Wall Street Journal. The database has been packed with many finance and stock market headlines and reports as well.

We finally move on the top two honours for business website development. At the second place is the CNN Money. This is the website providing financial and economic news from the telecasts and TV reports. The theme and template are also quite attractive and stylish. The Number One Business website is the Yahoo! Finance. Instead of frills and stylish attractions, this website is as neat and coherently organized like a good business magazine. So, these websites serve to be good examples to any web development agency.
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