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Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Is Joomla Used For?

By Kate Jones

If you are inexperienced when considering web site design, but you're looking to make a website, then you definitely might want to consider using Joomla. If you're asking yourself "What is Joomla useful for?", simply put it's utilized to create websites. It's an open source content management system. Open source often means that the the program costs nothing, which is the case with Joomla, additionally it implies that it can be adapted and adjusted through extension and/or modules by any users anywhere. It doesn't mean that the version of Joomla you're using may be changed by somebody else, only that you can create core changes, or utilize an adapted version, as you see fit.

One of the benefits of using Joomla is the fact that it has been tested by users all over the world. Because it's open sourced, bugs and other issues are quickly worked out. This means that when you use Joomla, you're getting a problem free content management system that allows you to get your information out onto the web virtually free of bugs.

Joomla is designed to combine your data and a template to create the webpage that you need to display your information on the web. Joomla can be used in a very basic way or you can use it to create a complex and large website, whatever your skill level and needs dictate. Many people who use Joomla use website templates to create an appealing webpage. Because of the way that it's designed, it is easy to use; in fact, you don't need to have any web creation or web management skills in order to use Joomla correctly and effectively.

You don't need to have a url of your website in order to use Joomla to develop an internet site. You are able to download the program onto your computer so you can try out the software program to check out how it works for you personally. Many website hosting services are compatible with Joomla, and Joomla also works directly with a company also. You are not required to utilize Joomla's sponsored website hosting service in order to use Joomla, it's merely a handy option.

Joomla provides free seminars that will help you better understand the best way to best apply their software to your website and they've got a support ticket area also. Now that you know what Joomla is useful for, you can get started on your website today. 
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