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Saturday, October 27, 2012

How Black Hat SEO Tactics Hurt Your Website Rankings

By Fra Stephine

Shortcuts, for many people, are beneficial. Instead of taking the longer route, many take the shortcuts so that fuel, energy and time can be preserved. For Google, such notion of shortcuts is different. From Google's perspectives, shortcuts are not ideal and are far more dangerous, especially when applied in SEO. Shortcuts in SEO are often referred to as black hat SEO.

So what makes Google detest black hat SEO that much? It's because these very SEO tactics challenge and undermine what the Silicon Valley Monolith has tried to advocate for years now: a virtual market space that is liberated from unethical methods.

In a nutshell, black hat SEO refers to the long list unethical tactics used to keep websites ranking high on a temporary basis. These techniques are labelled as short cuts as they only require a brief span of time to actualise results. The pitfall of undergoing black hat SEO practice, however, is that it only its results are temporary. After a certain period of the time, a high ranking web site may fall off the ranks without any notice.

On a more serious note, a website that is known to immerse in black hat SEO is slapped by Google with a huge penalty. Such online identity, if found guilty, may be extinguished from Google's list of indexed websites. This downward slide begins from there. When a website is out of Google's radar for a while, its earnings may also suffer.

Without a doubt, entrepreneurs and optimisers must be more attentive to Google's philosophy against black hat SEO. Definitely, black hat SEO is not only dangerous, it's also ineffective. Google's support for white hat SEO, or appropriate optimisation techniques, only affirms that black hat SEO can't improve a website's performance, even for a short period of time. Want a web site that is valued by Google? Hire an SEO and web design Singapore agency! The best SEO company in Singapore can help you build a website that ranks well on Google SERPS.
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