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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How To Be Creative When Designing

By Abby Cruz

Web designing is a process that requires creative expression. After all, web designers do not just design for the heck of it. They design sites for several reasons: first, they conceive web designs so that a certain website can have a professional look. Second, they create web designs so that the website can captivate prospective customers and site visitors. Clearly, web design serves a vital function that cannot be ignored in any online marketing campaign.

Web design is never easy to do. In fact, most web designers willingly attest to the fact that it takes time before they can even create the structure of their design. What's their main hurdle? Apparently, it is their lack of creative inspiration. A creative drought can be disastrous for many web designers. If the process of designing takes longer than the usual, the project management may become delayed. Good thing, there are some design approaches that designers can use as they face their design issues:

Use of appropriate images. Several research studies support the idea that the right photos can increase the ability to create a connection between the visual subject and the beholder. Imagine a website that is full of text and devoid of any images. Looks bland right? To perk up the aesthetic value of a website, appropriate pictures must be employed. These high quality images give a feast for the senses.

Experiment with colours. It's not good to be on the safe side. Remember, many of the world's inventors came up with their innovations because they were not afraid to try and experiment. Web designers should take on the duty of designing with boldness. Sadly, current designs look precisely the same. The challenge therefore is to create something distinctly different.

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