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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Milwaukee Restaurant Reviews

Milwaukee Restaurant Reviews – A Guide to Finding and Posting Reviews about Milwaukee-area Restaurants

Planning to eat out in Milwaukee and unsure of where you want to go? Or perhaps you have already eaten out and now want to leave a review telling people about your latest experiences at a Milwaukee-area restaurant. Whichever the case may be, first you’ll need to find yourself a restaurant review website with a section specifically for restaurants in the greater Milwaukee area.

That’s where this guide will come in handy. Not only will it provide you with links to a few of the more popular restaurant review websites, but it will also tell you some of the features you can expect to find on each one. By reading below you will also learn what to expect from each of the websites if you plan on posting a review of your own.


TripAdvisor offers reviews about a number of places around the world with a large portion of their site dedicated strictly to restaurants. Milwaukee-area restaurants are well represented on the site – so well represented, in fact, that the site includes reviews of over 500 restaurants in the city of Milwaukee alone. Another 300+ Milwaukee restaurants are already on the site and waiting for their first review. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to group all restaurants from the greater Milwaukee area into one search, so if you want to view restaurants in areas beyond the city of Milwaukee itself, you’ll have to perform separate searches for each city.

If you’d like to write your own review about a Milwaukee-area restaurant, first find the restaurant you’d like to review and from its detail page, click ‘Write a Review’. On the review page you will be asked to fill out various mandatory information, like which overall rating you would give the restaurant using a 1 to 5 star ranking system. You are also asked to write a review (which must be at least 100 characters long) and to select your type of visit, be it a couples, family, friends, business, or solo visit. You will also need to state the month in which you visited the restaurant.

As for optional information, you can give 1 to 5 star ratings for the restaurant’s service, food, value, and atmosphere, plus you can provide a generalized idea about the cost per person. There is also a short check list where you can state whether the restaurant has any special features. These include things like taking reservations, having outdoor seating, providing a scenic view, etc. You may also upload some photos of the restaurant if you so choose.

To read and post reviews about Milwaukee restaurants on TripAdvisor please visit their section made specifically for Milwaukee restaurant reviews:


Urbanspoon is a popular restaurant review website that features a large number of reviews dedicated to Milwaukee-area restaurants. Unlike TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon does allow you to group the reviews by restaurants located in the greater Milwaukee area, but if you prefer, you can limit the reviews to restaurants located in central Milwaukee or specific Milwaukee-area neighborhoods.

There are many options when posting restaurant reviews on Urbanspoon. First, you can choose to post a blogger review. This is perfect if you’ve already reviewed the restaurant on your blog. To post a blogger review, simply pull up the restaurant’s detail page and scroll down to the section labeled ‘Blogger Reviews’. Once you click ‘Add your review’, you will be given a choice of four images you can add to your blog’s restaurant review post. Add any one of these images to your post and Urbanspoon will automatically link to your blog’s review on their website.

Below the blogger reviews, you will find a section called ‘Diner Reviews’. You’ll need to make an account with the site if you want to add a diner review, but the process is quick and painless and requires only an email address and password. Once you’ve created an Urbanspoon account, you’ll be able to immediately write your review of the restaurant, add which menu item you ate, and upload a photo. Adding the menu item and photo isn’t required when posting a review.

There is also a place where you can vote either ‘I like it’ or ‘I don’t’ near the top of the page which doesn’t require you to make an account.

Please visit one or more of the following pages to read and post reviews about Milwaukee-area restaurants on Urbanspoon:


The first thing you’ll notice once you visit the Milwaukee restaurants section of Yelp is that you are asked to narrow down the results by selecting your preferred type of cuisine – barbeque, burgers, fast food, Italian, etc. Unfortunately, not all types of cuisine have Milwaukee-area restaurants listed, though most do. You can also filter the results by a number of things including the restaurant’s neighborhood, features, and price. If you prefer not to refine your results, simply scroll down to see an unfiltered list of Milwaukee restaurants. Here you can click through to any restaurant’s detail page to see its reviews.

To post your own review on the website, visit the restaurant’s detail page and click on the button labeled ‘Write a Review’. There aren’t many options when reviewing a restaurant on Yelp and you’ll only be asked to give your overall rating of the restaurant (between 1 and 5 stars) and to type in your actual review. If you don’t currently have a Yelp account, you will be asked to sign up before posting your review of the restaurant.

To read or write reviews about Milwaukee-area restaurants on Yelp, please visit their Milwaukee restaurant reviews section:

Hopefully this guide will help you to find and post reviews about restaurants located in the greater Milwaukee area. To ensure that you get the most complete idea about any restaurant you find interesting, it’s always a good idea to check out a number of different review sites so you can read opinions from a larger number of people who have recently visited the restaurant. On the same token, to ensure that your opinion about a specific restaurant reaches the most possible people, it can also be well worth visiting a number of restaurant review websites when you wish to share your experiences.

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