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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Planning Your Destination Wedding In Key West

By Peter Estenoz

If you have finally made that important decision to tie the knot through a destination wedding in Key West, it is imperative to ensure that the planning part of your wedding is handled the right way. There are many challenges that are associated with planning Key West weddings, but if you understand what is needed of you, you will find it easier in the long run.

Make sure carry the attire for the big day. Do not pack them in the same bag with other attires because they could be misplaced or they could get lost and hell will break loose. There are couples who have encountered such a problem only to appear on jeans in their big day. Ensure that you pack the attire separately and carry them inside the plane with your hand luggage and ask for a place to hang them inside. It will save you the frustrations!

Before you leave home to tie the knot, it would be great if you carry all the necessary documentations with you. Have your passports in order, previous marriage and divorce certificates and any other that may be needed for the marriage to progress. Do not take a chance on this since the person to officiate the occasion may ask for them.

Book the venue in advance. Popular areas are always eyed by many people from all corners of the world and it is imperative that you make a reservation for the event, accommodation and food. Some people can do these on their own, but it helps having an events planner to offer professional help.

Ensure that bookings for the big day and honeymoon venues are done months in advance. Failure to adhere to this may leave you in a rude shock since it may be very hard getting a venue for your occasion.An event planner can help do these well, however, there are a few couples who have the ability to handle them without help.

With so many locations available, you can spoil of choice. However, you can do a little research and choose a venue that suits your taste and style. It does not matter whether you want to walk barefoot or have a view of sunset in the island because there are many awesome beaches. You could also choose to have your big day on a moving boat!

After your big day, honeymoon will be the next to think of. Many couples who have had a destination wedding in Key West prefer to have their honeymoon at the event venue. There are many locations with awesome features and great beaches hence making the best romantic escape places on earth.
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