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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Best Web Design Tips You'll Find

By Manny Rutz

If you have no idea what the creative process is for designing a successful website then it can be a little intimidating in the beginning. To know exactly what type of design you want for your site you need to have a vision of what you want or don't want. In this article we'll give you some ideas to help you get started.

The first tip is to have a favicon created for the website you designed. This small graphic will give your site more recognition in case a visitor decides to bookmark your website. Memorable favicons help you stand out when people look at their bookmarks. If possible, create a favicon that's consistent with your business logo, product, or theme.

For more complex websites like commercial sites or online stores it is crucial that your design flow is simple to follow. You need to make the site to run smoothly and also make it easy to understand for anyone. If your customers or visitors have a positive experience in your site chances are they will come back later to do more business.

Another important point to remember is to have your site's structure in a way that is familiar to any visitor. For example making your logo clickable to the homepage is well known and it should be used on all sites. You don't want frustrated visitors, you need to make it easier for everyone.

Make sure all your links are updated, and working properly. Good web design relies on being user friendly, and broken links are frustrating to your visitors. To prevent these things from happening, create a time frame at regular intervals where you check all the links for proper functionality.

These tips are the perfect starting point, so get out there and look for opportunities to use them! To stay on top of the competition, you must continue learning about new ideas, technology, advancements and techniques in website design.
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