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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Importance Of SEO In Web Development

By Teresa Port

Traditional minds revere web development as a perplexing art. To most beginners, web development is a herculean task that requires intense IT skills. This belief is purely inaccurate. The art of developing a website from scratch is not easy, but it can be done. Website development can be executed with ease, if and only if the developer is able to understand the rules of the industry and the demands of the market.

In web site development, a deeper comprehension of online platforms is a requirement. Web developers are expected to know these details, as they can interact with these platforms during website build. These artists must find a way to reconcile function and aesthetics. They must know when to use a media-oriented platform such as Flash or employ a CMS platform like Wordpress.

Is this knowledge of platforms the sole necessity for web developers? Actually not. In today's context, this mere understanding of platform is scarce. Web developers also need to look at other aspects of web development, such as search engine optimisation. Without SEO knowledge, developers face the risk of formulating websites that don't perform well in search engines! When a website isn't properly structured in a crawler-friendly style, then it might endure the perils of being obscured under a pile of other websites! This scenario must be prevented with knowledge of SEO.

Web developers today, without a doubt, must exert effort to craft websites that can withstand the requirements of search engines. They must learn how to appreciate the fundamentals, and incorporate these learnings into the process of development.

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