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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Understanding The Dynamics Of Graphic Design

By Jeff Wagner

There are several ways of introducing images and flash objects into the web pages. Graphic design is the planning and actual design of how such visual effects will be incorporated into the web pages. The process of developing the web pages takes place step by step. The designing of graphics also takes place step by step taking into consideration the demands of end users.

It deals with the artistic communication of visual effects. Before the website is designed, the demands of the end users should be carefully analyzed. The specifications are taken care of since different designs have to be introduced to give each and every member of the target group a special touch.

There are several systematic steps that have to be followed during the development of web pages. The target group has to be carefully analyzed and their demands meant during the development. In structured programming, the entire project under construction is broken down into smaller bits. The bits are then tackled one at a time.

There are several applications that are used when the graphics are being incorporated into the web pages. The HTML software has been in use for quite some time. It is used for light graphics. The main forms used are the images and animations. It is used for development of websites meant for children or young people.

For complex and advanced formatting and editing, advanced programs re used for the purpose. Dreamweaver is one of applications that can be used for editing of complex images. Complex images are broken down into heavy density bits which are then manipulated one by one.

The visual effects used to enhance the general appeal of websites. To achieve the required appeal, graphic design ought to be done by certified computer experts. Some of objects such as flash objects are used to form a link between the pages and the server which houses the databases. Information is then built around the objects to enhance the visual appeal.
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  1. From my point of view, a graphic design must be able to communicate a brand (products or services) to its viewers. Also, it has to be consistent throughout. If the owner decides to use blue as the main color, it should have it.

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