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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Using Fantasy Art Websites To Further Your Work

By Sharlene Fleming

Many artists spend countless hours crafting their finest works and have only their close friends and relatives as their audience. It has been this way for many years but now many of them are beginning to use fantasy art websites to show the world their creations. These sites allow anyone to find an audience for the type of work they do and display it online for both pleasure and profit.

Any type of art that is comprised of mythological entities and fanciful locations can be considered welcomed at the sites. Science fiction is also included because of the vast array of topics it can cover. Just about any creature imaginable can be found when you come to one of these sites.

Normally people think of dragons and fairies when it comes to fantasy. Although you will find plenty of them displayed they are not the sole inhabitants of these communities. Manga artists have carved out their own place among these communities and are welcome members. Light and fanciful scenes are depicted as well as dark demonic creatures. A wide cross section of artistic tastes is to be found here.

Many communities also welcome the written arts. Beautiful homes and incredible short stories have their own place in the realm of fantasy. Each artist, no matter what the medium, uses the collective as a sounding board for their work. It is a convenient arrangement that allows them to see how well received their new ideas will be in mainstream society.

A certain number of the sites have turned into strong communities that are quick to help their members in several areas. Most of the webmasters do not have an actual membership fee. You will find a few that have a small fee attached to use certain services but they are in the minority. Most get their revenue from advertisements placed throughout the site.

Artists may be able to use these websites to launch a paid career once they receive enough recognition for their work. Some artists are selling lithographs of their work and making good money doing it. Patrons might also request specific pieces of work to be commissioned.

If you would like to use one of the sites to promote your talents there are a few things to look for that may help you. Choose a site that gets plenty of traffic and seems to be well known by both artists and the general public. You will be able to get great feedback on your design and see if it holds interest with visitors. Also be certain to read the comments from some of the moderators and the community members. This will allow you to see how fairly artists are treated.

Using fantasy art websites to hone your skills is a good strategy. You will also be able to find others just like you who want to encourage and support one another. The members are the most important resource of any community so be sure to read comments from both moderators and members.

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