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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Web Design Techniques That Must Be Avoided At All Cost

By Anne Cole

Are you a budding web designer or web developer? Are you confident about how you approach the process of web development? Just when you think you've got the process of web development all figured out, you recognise the contrasting truth. There are still many things to learn about the process, unless, as they jokingly say, you've been exposed to the field for forever. Truth is, web development is a dynamic entity. It undergoes several changes and shifts only so it can adhere to the requirements of most Internet customers.

To add to the burden of the developer is the steady stream of fluctuating Web trends. These momentary fluctuations surely make it hard for you and the rest of the developer population to stay updated. Fortunately, you can cope with the changes as long as you keep yourself abreast of the essentials of web design and development. One pragmatic step you can do is to determine the design elements that you should avoid. Learn some bad web design techniques that you should avoid at all cost:

Messy color combinations hurt the aesthetics of any website. Why put white text on a light background and dark text on a dark background? This technique does not only hurt the eyes of site visitors, it also hurts the website's ability to engage the readers who wish to know more about the brand.

Reliance on flash technology can be a bad thing. As flash can decelerate the loading time of web pages, it may not be helpful in grabbing customer interest. Most impatient site visitors will immediately hit the back button when your website fails to show up in a matter of seconds. In this aspect, flash can be more of a bane than a boon.

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