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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chiropractic Websites for Chiropractors

By Richard Liem

During this day and age, it's a recognized and excepted undeniable fact that people's first impression of a business that they are searching out info on is their website. Chiropractic is not any different.

The fact of the matter is websites are classified as the new store front whether you own an web business or a brick and mortar shop. This being the case, people's views on an organization will depend on how their internet site looks and function. If you have a everyday website, individuals will view your clinic inferior or mediocre. When you have a website which will blow your online visitors away by enhanced visitor experience, you could bet that your visitors won't just have a very high opinion of your clinic, but chances are they will likely call your office and book a consultation.

Imagine walking down the street and seeing a 30 or 40 store fronts all looking relatively the same, but the items in the store range between clothes sold at Walmart to Armani and Dior. Now, you're the kind of person interested in Armani however, you can't enter into the stores to see which one sells Armani, instead you have to stand down the road and chose the store that you think sells what you need based on the store front.

That's quite a hard determination to make right? Now, what happens if a store opens up on that very same street where the store front is beautifully decorated, incorporates a sophisticated and chic signage and really stands out from the other stores. Well, it's likely that you're going to go directly to that store and find what your looking for and completely disregard the rest. Right?

And that's precisely what online visitors are going to do once they see a bunch of chiropractic websites. If visitors see merely a plain static typical chiropractic website, visitors will perceive that clinic as below par (whether justified or otherwise). But if the visitor jumps on to a website that blows them away and enhances their visitor experience they'll look no further and phone your office.

What exactly makes a website stand above all the rest?

1. Contacting and communicating with your office must be BEYOND easy - in the world we are in today, everyone has little patience and time. Your chiropractic patients are no different. Having a well visible telephone number is essentially, but it's merely the start. Your chiropractic website must have a live chat function where any visitors can text chat to your staff via their phone and computer (btw statistics are indicating that more and more people are beginning to search on the internet using their smartphones than laptop and desktop computers!). Your site also needs Fillable Online Patient Intake Forms which can be emailed to your office (not merely printed out by your website visitor and brought to your office) and there must be an Online Patient Scheduler where patients can book their consults and appointments online.

2. Remove Website Clutter -Information must be concise and not overwhelming - all too often, chiropractors have websites where they jam pack it with tonnes of information, too many tabs and too many choices. This is a website killer! Just like the saying goes "less is better" If too much information is given, people will feel overwhelmed and will jump off your site go to your competition. In addition, because people are time sensitive and impatient, they want their information in small packages so that they can get what they need to know and then take action.

3. Site must be visually stimulating - websites have to be visually stimulating and interesting. By this I don't mean having all these flashing lights and attention grabbing gimmicks. I mean one that is attractive and pleasant to the eye and one that makes the visitor want to not only explore your site further, but will drive them to contact your office to make an appointment.

4. Doctor needs to be able to build rapport with their visitors - This is massively essential and I cannot over stress this enough. Too many chiropractors feel that throwing up some pics of them with patients or with their families lets their website visitors to get to know them and see how great and caring a doc he or she is. Well, this may have worked a number of years ago but it no longer does. Visitor-to-Doctor interaction IS the new standard. That is to say, visitors want to get to know the doctor not from pics of them on a page, but from interacting with them but from the comfort of their residence! This is why Webinars (i.e. Live seminars online) are increasing in epic proportions. Now I'm not implying that you need to be online live continuously during your office hours, but all your Lay lectures, promotional talks etc really should be shown live online. Therefore, you won't just be lecturing to your patient standing before you in your clinic during your Lay Lecture, but now you'll be able to not only perform it while in front of all the people online, but you can also talk with your internet viewers by answering their questions.

5. Overburdening Visitors with e-mails and newsletters - A visitor email capture (having your visitors willingly provide you their email address) and auto-responder (i.e. an email/ newsletter mailer that sends those visitors who have given you their email address information on an automated and continuous basis). Much like #4, a lead capture and auto-responder built into your site is a must. In order to get as many of your visitors to book with your office, you'll need to be in constant contact with them and this is the key reason why using a website that can automatically send timed emails (i.e. auto-responder) to your visitors is really so important. Mailing periodic emails to your visitors is vital to your clinic success as they will keep your clinic top of mind and so, if your visitor feels the need to go to a chiropractor, your clinic will be the one they call. Not your competitor. But you CANNOT send them an email too much! If your visitors/leads get an email from you more than 3 x a month, they are going to perceive your clinic as an annoyance and they will not simply request to get off your subscriber lists, but you can bet they will never go to your office.

Now, if you have an old site or you have a site that does not incorporate the above 5 components, you may be thinking that this is going to be too costly to do, not to mention the cost of website optimization in order to build your online presence.

But luckily there are options!

There are companies that you can find online that provide businesses with auto-responders services, patient scheduling services, webinar services and you can pay for all of them or choose which ones you think you need and depending on your budget.

However, there's a better way.

And at the risk of taking the importance and necessity of these 5 essential website features and sounding sales pitchy, Promodocs specifically builds websites for chiropractors that incorporates all these features and much much more to create the most powerful chiropractic website available.

Our team of chiropractic website developer at Promodocs have spent countless hours and have done tremendous research to understand what drives your web visitors to be motivated not only to tour your site but will also to communicate and book a scheduled appointment with your clinic.

As a result, your Promodocs website will drive more new patients to your clinic than you ever thought possible and more than any other chiropractic website.
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