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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Easy tips to keep your website simple and easy to manage

By Kevin McNally

Do not create a design that is too busy. You should keep your HTML as clean as possible so your site is properly displayed on different browsers and so that search engine spiders can easily analyze it. Create a separate CSS sheet for your design so you do not have to include design elements in your HTML code. If you decide to create a website with another language, follow this same rule and remember that a simple design is often better than a complex one.

If you have limited knowledge in building websites your first option might be to use a social network platform such as Facebook or an easy website design program such as XsitePro. This program comes with templates but it is worth investing a small amount to make your site look the business as they say. If you are still stuck then consider getting expert help. If you want to try an easy program check out the xsitepro promo code and bonus.

Avoid using images and other elements that will make your page hard to read for search engine spiders. These elements include images, videos, audio files, Flash content and Java script. If you decide to use one of these elements, make sure you describe it with tags. Avoid creating your menu with Java script since search engine spiders will have a hard time following your links. You should also avoid using images for your background or your header.

It is vital that you build your website to work with all the different browsers and devices as people will arrive at your website via Ipads, Iphones and other normal web browsers. Create a simple website design based on color patterns and don't have a fixed width as visitors will have different web resolutions and may struggle to read your page correctly.

You should update your website on a regular basis so it's very important that it's simple to update a single page without messing up the whole site. You can use ftp to update a single page quickly or use the built in buttons in programs such as xsitepro and dreamweaver that make it very easy. Updating your menu bars should also be effortless and not a hassle of course.
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