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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Google Penguin Update

By Anne Lopez

With Penguin update, Google has successfully conveyed the message to everybody. The message is loud enough to stimulate the unscrupulous entities on the Web, and leave them in a terrified state. Unfortunately though, this update also affected even hardcore white hat SEO firms. The idea of punishing legit web sites is sending majority of the Internet population in a non-stop guessing game.

Why? Because in a mere blink of an eye, the search ranking results fluctuated just like that. High ranking sites dropped several places and lost their reign. Even though initially formulated to impede the notorious existence of unscrupulous web sites, the Penguin update's broad reach has lashed at legit websites.

Does this call for a refurbished SEO strategy? Yes. The Penguin update is specifically designed to resonate the message that black hat SEO won't just do you any good. Your website's rankings can only hit a first page result if and only if you adhere to Google's guidelines. Otherwise, you'll have to endure the wrath of every Google penalty that will hit your way.

The Penguin update preys upon the typical dislikes of Google: spun content, unnatural linking, paid directory links, cloaking in web designing, spun web content, keyword stuffing and all other facets of black hat optimisation. Should you wish to evade all the potential threats of a penalised website, then you must find ways to depart from the stronghold of black hat SEO. Clean up your site!

Earn links only from conscientious, industry-related websites. Excessive links from dangerous sites endanger your rankings. Right now, many experts believe that Google despises the illegal link to me and I will link to you attitude. If you wish to stay away from the critical eyes of the Silicon Valley Monolith, then don't settle for illegal or paid backlinks.

Put up fresh content on your site. Content is king with Google, so try to take advantage of this scheme. Why issue duplicate content when you can craft superior quality articles that make you an authority in your industry? Superior content lures customers to your website!

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