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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How To Activate SEO On Your Website

By Kate Freeman

It is factual that SEO or search engine optimisation isn't a precise Science. Depending on how you look at it, SEO can be a game you play with Google and endeavor to win, or a mind boggling and frustrating maze or puzzle you cannot seem to work out. This may be for the reason that some people perform SEO while not anchoring their approach to SEO on solid principles. Many people make the mistake of thinking that writing articles on their blog with the right keywords and the correct keyword density is enough to make the blog come out on the front page of Google.

If your web site is struggling in the ranking even as you think you are doing SEO correct, here are three items which are often unseen that may be stifling your SEO triumph.

Adequate Web Copy For The Home Page Plus Major Pages

A web site that has insufficient content will be hard to rank. Your web site has to have minimum 500 words to give details about your products or services. The web content, or the text that appears on your website, must be ingeniously written so that they keywords come out naturally. You shouldn't overuse the keywords or else Google will flag it as keyword bombing.

Length Of Your Website's Domain Name Registration

Many web site owners don't care much concerning the number of years their web site domain name is signed up. Some just register their domain name for the minimum one year. But registering your domain name for five years or more is actually good for ranking. It tells Google that you are a reputable website and not a fly-by-night organisation. Google will therefore have better confidence in voting for you to come out on its first page.

Review The Diagnostics Report From Google Webmaster Tools

It is very important to carry out onsite optimization before offsite optimization. Onsite optimization is setting up a web site or blog for joining the SEO race. It is akin to putting an engine on a sports car. The engine, which is the site or blog, is "cleaned" of things which Google does not want, and built in with items which Google wants. Offsite optimization, which is content writing, is similar to the fuel that the race car needs to rapidly go past the others. Surely, without a robust engine, the car won't in fact start no matter how greatly you fill it up.

As there are so many things involved in doing onsite optimisation, it usually happens that some things are inadvertently left unchecked. Google Webmaster Tools Diagnostics specifies these mistakes which can be duplicate article, crawl errors, or html errors. These things are like a crack on the gas tank of the race car. Without fixing this hole, then the gas will just leak. In SEO terms, this means that without ensuring that the web site is a prepared and SEO friendly platform, then the content written for SEO will just be a waste of effort as there will be no significant ranking result accomplished.
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