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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make-Believe: Indicators That Reveal The Face Of An Incompetent SEO Provider

By Brown Young

Interestingly, reports about big brands being penalised arise time after time. One incident that particularly acquired the ire of Google and the enthusiasm of the SEO masses is the website of the reputable retail store in the US, JC Penney. This controversy disturbed the online world, especially when the corporate giant revealed that it had depended on a nefarious SEO company for its rankings.

The desire of most companies to bag Google's top spot may imply several dangers. Sometimes, this ravaging desire can be out of control especially when they choose to collaborate with just anyone who pretends to know SEO. Because the Web is a breeding ground of spammers and scammers, this mindset cannot be tolerated. When looking for an SEO provider, let utmost caution and pragmatic thinking inspire you. You cannot just accept any offer without knowing your SEO partner!

The mistake of choosing an incompetent provider can backfire. What do you lose? Almost everything. You don't just lose your rankings and money, you also lose your reputation!

Once you decide to look for an SEO firm, try to be realistic. Determine your objectives and desired outcomes, and look to see if your chosen firm holds the answer to your vision of ranking at the top of Google.

To make things easier for you, here are two lines that immediately tell you that an SEO provider is not to be trusted.

They claim to be associated with Google. This statement is used by SEO spammers to get customers to rely on their strategy. Unfortunately, these companies do not have any strategy other than black hat SEO and they certainly don't have this close relationship with Google.

They provide industry secrets that work. Is there any strategy that is kept secret? Actually, none. Google did a great job dishing out every SEO technique. So if a firm comes up to you and says you will have the results you need because they possess secrets that work, turn down the offer.
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