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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mass Shooting Blues

“Mass Shooting Blues” (BMI)
Aaron S. Robertson
Copyright 2012, Aaron Scott Robertson.

“Our hearts go out to the families…” becomes an overused phrase,
It’s heard all the time now as more people go into a merciless craze,
The politicians propose after-the-fact preventative bills,
Tryin’ to save some face after someone just got away with multiple kills.

We flock to our churches and temples afterward to pray,
All these routine ceremonial things we feel obligated to say,
But let’s be honest here, it’s really not going to help our ailing hearts,
’Cause in the end, gone forever are our loved ones to these piercing hate-filled darts.

Actually, these days, it seems we can no longer walk into a sacred house,
Without taking the chance someone’s gonna be there with death and destruction to espouse,
I’ve witnessed or experienced so much blues that sometimes I wish I had never been born,
I look around this forsaken world, tired of constantly having to mourn.

Why do you have to shatter innocent lives with that fateful sound,
When soon enough without your help we’ll all be in the ground,
In due time we’ll all be in the tomb,
Each and ev’ry one of us shares this fateful doom.

Why can’t you allow us to enjoy this little time,
Let us be afforded the chance to live past our prime,
Instead of making us walk around in public while imagining our worst fears,
Making us wonder if today is our last or if we’ll be granted a few more years.

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