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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Milwaukee-area Websites: Helping You Find Events, Attractions, and Opportunities in Metro Milwaukee

There are a number of websites you can visit to find information about the Milwaukee area. Some of these websites discuss upcoming events that will be happening in and around the city, while others list the various things you can do in the area and some of the places worth seeing. There are also sites online which discuss current networking opportunities for Milwaukee-area businesses. If you would like to learn more about Milwaukee-area events, attractions, and opportunities, then the following list of websites should help you get started.

Milwaukee’s government websites are a great place to look for information about the various events, attractions, and opportunities in the Milwaukee area. One of the government websites is run by the City of Milwaukee, while the other is run by Milwaukee County. A little information about each of these two sites is listed below.

The City of Milwaukee’s government website, which can be visited at, has a calendar listing City Hall’s meeting schedule and other such government-related events. There is also a section of the site with information about conducting business in the city of Milwaukee, plus other areas which discuss the city’s housing sector, school system, and employment opportunities. The City of Milwaukee’s government website also has information about the area’s entertainment, sporting options, and recreational activities.

Milwaukee County’s government website, on the other hand, can be found by visiting and contains news and information relevant to the county. This includes information about living, working, and doing business in Milwaukee County, plus details about a number of the county’s sporting and recreational opportunities.

Beyond the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County’s government websites, there are many other websites run by the cities and villages in metro Milwaukee. The following list provides links to several of these community websites where you can learn more about each area’s attractions and upcoming events.

Brown Deer:
Menomonee Falls:
Mount Pleasant:
New Berlin:
Oak Creek:
Port Washington:
South Milwaukee:
West Allis:
West Bend:
Whitefish Bay:

To learn information about a Milwaukee-area neighborhood that was not listed above, you can always try performing a Google search. Searching for the city name +Wisconsin usually yields good results. Just be aware that not all Milwaukee-area communities, especially the smaller ones, currently have their own website.

Beyond government-run and community websites, there are a number of other sites online that contain information about the events, attractions, and opportunities in the greater Milwaukee area. Several of these websites have been listed below, along with a little information about what each of the sites contain. (Milwaukee Section)

The Milwaukee section of features information about a number of the city’s neighborhoods, with additional information about the festivals and events hosted within them. There is also information about the area’s bars and restaurants.

Eventful (Milwaukee Section)

Eventful’s Milwaukee section has lots of information about Milwaukee’s upcoming events and concerts and the venues which host them. The site also provides the show times and descriptions for movies currently being shown in theaters across the Milwaukee area.


ExpressMilwaukee talks about the events, music, entertainment, and dining options in the city of Milwaukee. The website also has a section to help keep you updated on Milwaukee-area news stories.

KEY Milwaukee

KEY Milwaukee’s website has information about shopping, dining, and being entertained in the city of Milwaukee. The site also features a free online version of their monthly publication, KEY Milwaukee Magazine, which covers upcoming events in the area and has information about the city’s various attractions and tours.

MeetUp (Milwaukee Business Professionals Section)

MeetUp provides networking opportunities for Milwaukee’s small business owners and entrepreneurs from their website’s Milwaukee Business Professionals section. The site allows users to plan networking events and meet other like-minded professionals in the area by joining or suggesting an upcoming meeting. is filled with information about the city’s restaurants, hotels, attractions, and nightlife. It also has information about the area’s current job openings and an extensive directory of Milwaukee’s various organizations and businesses.

MilwaukeeMag is the online presence of Milwaukee Magazine. The website features articles about the city’s restaurants, entertainment options, and upcoming events in a variety of genres.


MilwaukeeMoms is a website filled with parenting advice for moms in the Milwaukee area. The site links to several family-friendly events in and around Milwaukee and has a forum where Milwaukee-area moms can connect and share information and advice with one another.


OnMilwaukee has information about living, dining, shopping, and finding entertainment in the city of Milwaukee. There’s also a calendar of the city’s events and a directory which lists many of the businesses in the greater Milwaukee area.

TripAdvisor (Milwaukee Attractions Section)

TripAdvisor’s Milwaukee Attractions section has a wealth of information about things to see and do in Milwaukee. This includes information about more than 80 attractions in the city, plus additional details about the city’s shopping, nightlife, and tours.

VISIT Milwaukee

VISIT Milwaukee offers plenty of information about the city’s attractions and events, with an entire portion of their website dedicated to Milwaukee’s arts and culture scene. You can also request a Milwaukee travel guide right from their website and download coupons to help you explore more of Milwaukee for less money.

Wikipedia (Milwaukee Section)

Wikipedia’s Milwaukee section has information covering just about anything you could ever want to know about the city of Milwaukee. It contains a history of the city, plus information about the city’s demographics and political makeup. It also lists the city’s various museums, monuments, arenas, festivals, and parks.

YAHOO! Travel (Milwaukee Section)

The Milwaukee section of YAHOO! Travel has invaluable information about the city of Milwaukee and its hotels, vacation rentals, and trip plans. It also lists some things you can do in the city, plus has a very detailed map of the area to help you get to some of the city’s best attractions.

Yelp (Milwaukee Section)

Yelp’s Milwaukee section has a ton of information and reviews about the city’s restaurants, businesses, and attractions. The site also has some information about upcoming Milwaukee-area events.

To compile a full list of websites containing information about the attractions, events, and opportunities in the Milwaukee area would be a near impossible task. Hopefully this list of websites, however, has given you a place to start searching for the Milwaukee-related information you’ve been looking for.

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