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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick Tips On How To Come Up With Web Design Quotes

By Doris Rivas

For a newbie freelancer, coming up with the best web design quotes can be a daunting task. Generally, breaking every aspect of the job and how much time it takes to complete can really be helpful. Here are a few tips on pricing your work as a web designer.

To work efficiently, it is very important to have a job outline for the project at hand. Basically, this helps manage expectations for both the developer and the client. A good outline contains the required tools for the job, type of activity that is going to be accomplished, the amount of time these tasks will take and the expected results.

The next step now will be breaking down the quote price. The best way to price a project is hourly. Providing a fixed price for the whole project is never a good idea. You might find the project to be too complex and thus taking more of your time but since the amount payable is fixed, you end up doing a lot of work for little pay.

A typical website requires several web pages, a startup page and may be a navigator from one page to the other. It may also require a header and footer. Generally, to design and test this may take a few hours to several days. Usually, this will depend on how complex the website page is and the skill level of the webmaster. In the case above, let's assume the programmer takes three hours.

Generally, a client may require you to incorporate a few special features into the website. Examples include blogs, database configuration, shopping carts etc. Again depending on the number of features required, this will take longer or shorter. Let's assume that the web developer spends two hours on this.

The next step in website development is the Domain registration and web hosting configuration. Generally, the client may require you to register a new domain or even work with an already registered one. Usually, things can get tricky at this stage especially if the client does not know the password of the registered domain and you have to call the company to retrieve the same. In short it can really eat up your time doing this fairly simple task. So, let's assume the webmaster take four hours to do all these.

Generally, most websites require ongoing updates. They can be performed on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the type of website. The rule of thumb is to discus with the client how you will be billing them in advance. In general, you could decide to bill them on an hourly basis or even a fixed monthly amount.

Let's assume that all the web design tasks above take a total of nine hours; to get the best value for your time, it is always wise to multiply these by a factor of 1.5. This is to cater for correction and new suggestions brought in by the client. So the total billable time you will present to the client is 13.5 hours.
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