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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Things to Include for in Your Web Design for Tradies

By Kelly Montagna

Because more people use the internet to help them find businesses, it will be important to have a professional company do the web design when preparing websites for tradies. Because professionals in any industry need to attract customers to do business with hem, it will be important that a website properly lays out the services that are provided. No matter if you are a handyman, mechanic or any other professional that focuses on a single trade you need to pay close attention to your website.

When you look at a website design for tradies, you should find that the design can be very basic. On the website, it will be important to verify that you do have some basics in place so that they do generate a boost in sales and help you to get ahead of the competition.

All this begins with the home page that you have setup. This is going to be the section where customers become interested in what you have to offer and then encourage them to look over your website. The web design should be clean and to the point, without having large blocks of text to read. Links to additional pages should be easy to find and there should be a logical approach to finding the information a customer needs.

On one of these links, you will need to have the products and services you offer. Here, you should be listing all the information available about the trade services you are qualified to do. In addition to the main jobs you can do, you should suggest that you can do more and encourage a customer to take a moment to contact you through your contact page.

The "About Us" page will also be important. On this page, you are going to give an overview of your experience and your years in business. While building this section make sure you place certifications, licenses and other items that make you stand out in your industry. This is a place where you sell your business, while giving potential customers an idea of who they will be working with. A guarantee on your work will also be a good idea to place in this section.

A section that may benefit you will be one that offers testimonials, reviews and photographs of completed projects. It will be here that customers can discover new information on your business and get an idea of how their experience with you may go. Having a space where customers can discuss their own personal experience with you can also help to boost business.

One other area you will want to ensure that your web design has will be a frequently asked questions section. In this section, you can touch on all the questions that may be asked of you on a regular basis. Additionally, you can offer resources to people that can help them with some of their home projects.

Every professional tradesperson should have a quality website that helps to boost their business. Those who don't know where to begin may want to consult with a professional web design company to help get things started.
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