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Monday, December 31, 2012

CPA Network Application Success - Proven Steps That Work

By Willow Wydra

CPA and other online affiliate programs have the potential to make you quite a bit of money. But before you can start making money as an affiliate, you have to get accepted into a network, which can be a challenge at first. We'll therefore be sharing some effective ways to ensure that you get accepted by affiliate networks so you can start making money.

If you heard that a site of your own is not required for approval, then you can just throw that one out the window. There are a few handful of applicants that do get accepted without a website, but the chances are pretty slim. There are PLR sites you can buy and be used for this purpose, and they do not cost much at all. Avoid all the typical free blogging sites, and then all you have to do is have a hosting account and a domain name. Your site will be judged by whomever is reviewing your application, so you know you have to do a good job of it. Today, there is no reason at all for having a crappy looking site because you can buy very inexpensive site templates. After you are approved you can do what you want for the most part. This is your get accepted site, and it just has to work for that one thing. Determination is Key: When you apply to affiliate networks, you need a certain amount of persistence if you're going to get anywhere. Some networks will probably reject your applications. Like many things in life, we may wish it were different. Like it or not, that's the way it is! You need to be focused and determined, without giving up. You should expect to face a certain number of rejections, as most people do. Use every failure as a learning experience; if you know why one network rejected you, do things differently next time. You should aim to get accepted by lots of networks, as this will mean more offers to promote; you can, however, build up to that level over time. As you find success with one network, it will be easier to get accepted by others.

The Kind of Offers You'll be Promoting: You should be prepared to tell the affiliate network what kind of offers you intend to promote for them. The best way to answer this question is in a way that shows you're open to many possibilities. The affiliate manager would prefer to hear that you'd like to promote any profitable offer. You're trying to show the network that you don't depend on certain types of offers, but give high priority to offers that convert high. This type of answer makes your acceptance more likely, as it makes you come across as more professional.

Be Ethical: In the long run, being honest is the best way to build your affiliate business. So don't be tempted to deceive anyone when applying to affiliate networks. If you're willing to make the effort, you can get approved by an affiliate network by being upfront and truthful. It is actually the number of dishonest affiliates that have caused the current situation, where affiliate networks are quite rigid about letting new affiliates join. Your goal should not be to get accepted at any cost, but to do so in a manner that's honest and ethical. The most successful affiliates are those who work with the networks as partners, and to do this requires honesty.

This will enable you to begin! None of these ideas are complicated, but they can all improve your chances of having your applications to affiliate networks approved. You should approach this with the idea that you'll keep trying until you get accepted.
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