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Monday, December 31, 2012

Upgrade the Internal Link Structure of Your Blog

By France Zeman

Every webmaster knows the value of quality backlinking when it comes to effectively optimizing a blog for the search engines. However, many people focus only on building external backlinks while completely ignoring the importance of internal backlinks, even though they are equally important for both SEO purposes and as well as to help your visitors navigate your blog better. We will present a clear picture of what needs to be done so you can do the same on your blog with your site links.

Every site that has more than a few pages need to have clear navigation for all the reasons you already know about. Along with that consideration, the proper categorization of your various links will help identify the most important links on your site. As you well know, your blog categories, in the side columns, will be critically important in how your blog is categorized in the search engines. Never do a poor job of this one because it will make a huge difference in your results. You should optimize your link structure effectively for both the people and the search engines. Your readers will be able to flow smoothly from one topic to the other. We are confident that you will be happy with the work you have done on this matter.

Don't Make Things Hard: You want your readership to easily locate the most vital articles and pages on your blog, so don't bury them behind an excessive number of links. Your most critical articles should not be further than two clicks from your main page, both from an SEO viewpoint as well as user happiness. Search engines have a preference for posts and articles that can be found easily from the main page.

Write Series of Articles: Crafting series of articles is an excellent way to increase the number of internal links in your blog. You will naturally link the different parts of the series to each other to make navigation easier. Specially creating a series for this isn't necessary because all you need to do is take a longer article and split it up into more articles which means that you have a series you can offer your readership.

So, that's it! Simple advice that can be easily implemented to improve your internal linking structure significantly. Having relevant internal links is just as important as having lots of incoming links to your blog from other sources.
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