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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Article Marketing Tips

By Keith Bladen

Article marketing is a powerful tool to use to get the attention you need. This makes a lot of people think that all there is to it is to write and then write some more. This can be the case, however, there are ways to make it a little more fun than that and get the results you need.

Writing, of course, is the primary first activity. The type and style of writing is important as well as the placement of these articles for the proper attention to be paid. Since people come to the Internet to get information, this is one of the best ways to give it to them.

This is accomplished by ensuring the keywords are included in sufficient amounts to attract the search engine spider bots. When people want to find something, they place keywords or what they are looking for in their search box. You need to get that attention to your sales page and, failing that, your articles.

The title of those articles needs to attract people's attention in order for them to stop long enough to read. The keywords will be the attraction for the engines and will help people see that this is what they are looking for. The articles must be spelled correctly and all grammar rules must be followed to make spider bots and people think you know what you are talking about. Then, for proper article marketing, placement is the key activity going forward.

Posting your articles on your own blog can be done easily with a tool such as WordPress. Your blog can be updated quickly with this free tool. The search engines love blogs more than regular websites, so this is a good choice. Submission of your writing to the free directories, such as ezine can be done manually or through automation software. This is made easier by using the unique article wizard tools available to submit different versions of the same article to many different sites.

Blogger is a free blog creation and management website that will allow you to create as many free blogs as you can handle. Squidoo is also a free website creation tool that is a cross between a website and a blog. Both of these can be accessed, easily and are very popular with search engines.

The stable form of article marketing is an excellent way of producing the attention you need. By working smart and using all of the free tools, some listed above, you can make a big presence on the Internet. They are available and it is just up to you.
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