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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Important Details When Hiring The Right Web Designer

By Dave Dunne

When building a website or are looking to update your existing one, no doubt hiring the right web designer is very important because the work can get overwhelming very fast. Even so, the process is not as simple as most people would want it to be. With thousands of professionals to choose from, you will need to know the tips and tricks that will help you find the perfect candidate to work with.

One of the things you need to get right is about the experience of a potential candidate. Truth is, experience can be very useful especially for a complex web designing project. But this doesn't mean that inexperienced professionals have no place in the society. As a matter of fact, experience often comes with its share of drawbacks that you ought to know of.

An inexperienced designer can create just as beautiful a website as an experienced one. Therefore, before making your final decision based on the number of years they have been designing sites, or the thousands of sites under their name, you might want to look at the nitty gritty which is experience, knowledge, skills, and cost.

First and foremost, experience often comes at a very high price. Also, most of the experienced designers may have learnt on the job, hence may not create a cutting edge site if that is what you want. Their less experienced counterparts on the other hand are highly likely they have gone to college to earn a degree.

Because the inexperienced lads are fresh from college, it means they have the necessary academic qualifications to design cutting edge websites that most businesses today need. In a nutshell, both experienced and inexperienced web designers have their share of pros and cons, so look closely at your needs and budget before choosing one over the other.

As such, having experience is important, but it should not disqualify inexperienced candidates. Even so, a good portfolio is very important and should be a determinant, whether a candidate is experienced or not. While portfolios should not be live to tell how diversified their knowledge and skill is, when you want to look at the interactivity of their work, be sure to ask to see some samples online. How a candidate's professional website looks like will also help you know of their competence in what they do. If it is shoddy and unprofessional, certainly you shouldn't expect any better.

By the same token, the skills that a web designer offers will also help you choose the right one for your needs. In order to assess a professional's skills, you need to know what you need. The basic web designing skills that a professional worth his name should possess include HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Additional skills include Flash, PHP, SEO, AJAX, content writing, graphic designing etc.

When it comes to hiring the right web designer, you should ensure they have at least the most basic of these skills. Of course the additional skills such as content writing, graphic designing, and search engine optimization would be vital at this time and age of stiff competition on the internet. Even so, if a potential candidate lacks the additional skills, they should bring on board qualified professionals they will be comfortable working with, or at the very least recommend some to you for your consideration.
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