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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mark Dawson's New Solo Album, "Making Noise"

Mark Dawson, The Grass Roots, Making Noise, Mark Dawson Making Noise
If you appreciate good music, you must get your hands on a copy of Mark Dawson's latest solo album, "Making Noise". It was just released in recent weeks.

Mark Dawson is lead singer of the legendary 1960s pop/rock band, The Grass Roots. "Making Noise" is his second solo album, and it is truly a lot of fun. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark a few months back, and I also offered to write up a press release for him back in December to help him announce the album's release. It was also a great pleasure to interview Carl Giammarese, lead singer of 1960s greats, The Buckinghams, a little over a year ago. Mark and Carl teamed up on a great duet for the album entitled, "So Unusual". Also on the album, among other awesome original material by Mark, is his take on "Long As I Can See The Light" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Being a big CCR fan, I always appreciate a good cover of any CCR song, and Mark did a great job at it (I interviewed CCR drummer Doug Clifford, too!)

Mark Dawson thanked me on the album case, which I really appreciate.
When my copy of "Making Noise" arrived about a week ago, it came autographed by Mark. But what was really special for me was that he also included me in his "thank yous" on the CD case! I certainly didn't expect that. He didn't have to do that. I really appreciate it.

So check it out. If you like good music, you have to make "Making Noise" a part of your collection.

All the Best,

Aaron Robertson

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