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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Would Online Marketing Assist Sparkster In Climbing the Ranks?

By Rob Sutter

I've been gaming for quite a while now and I've learned about the characters with so much potential, too. Their games have been fun and they themselves have been likable, so why have they seemingly fallen off of the face of the Earth? One such character that fits this well has got to be the one known as Sparkster. Many people were fortunate to know about him but for those unfamiliar, just know that he could use online marketing to find fame that had left him so long ago.

I think that while Sonic the Hedgehog started the craze of animal mascots with outlandish personalities, the failed attempts by other companies to cash in essentially killed it. However, I believe that Sparkster was different because of how he stood above all other failed characters. This particular opossum mostly stood out due to his aesthetic as he used a sword to fight and wore a suit of armor with a jetpack attached to it. This very appearance was ingenious and it only helped people like him that much more.

When you consider the likability of Sparkster and the quality of his games as well why is it that he seemed to drop in popularity over the course of time? It's been said that he didn't catch on with audiences, though I don't know how accurate this claim is. I think that, more than anything, Konami failed to stay committed to the character, even though the games were fun. Sparkster didn't deserve to be pushed away from the spotlight because of the actions of others.

However, it's not like Sparkster's character has to remain done and over with forever. In fact, I'm sure that online marketing could help him come back to prominence, especially in the eyes of a younger audience. His appearance is one that is akin to a Swiss army knife, since he not only has the ability to strike enemies with his sword but he can fly about with the use of his jetpack as well. It'd be easy for a digital marketing firm the likes of the fishbat to highlight his strengths and build up a brand based on them.

There's no question that people have moved on from Sparkster since the 90's but it's not like he hasn't tried to come back. It was in 2010 that the game simply titled "Rocket Knight" was released as a digital title, though this game was more like a modest homage as opposed to a platform that Sparkster could use to launch himself back into fame. It's a shame because that's exactly what he needs. I feel like if he had the right limelight cast upon him, he could return to prominence once more.
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